The SECRET HUAWEI Comeback Plan after TRUMPS BAN !

Donald Trump has taken the US China Tradewar to the next level with the Huawei Ban. But Huawei has Hongmeng OS and more things as Backup Plan. Lets checkout Huaweis Strategy after the Ban.
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The U.S. and China are going toe to toe in their fight over trade. In one corner, President Donald Trump is swinging away with tariffs and blacklisting Huawei Technologies. In the other, President Xi Jinping is promising retaliation from Beijing just as a privately produced song that’s gone viral on Chinese social media promises: “If the perpetrator wants to fight, we will beat him out of his wits.”
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    1. He should not worry too much about Microsoft and Intel pulling the plug on Huawei. In my opinion, they can say goodbye to their high horse positions in the Chinese market which is the biggest PC market in the whole World if they really did.

  1. REN Zhengfei depth of leadership and humility is beyond extraordinary considering the current difficulties

    1. Not many can be fair !
      Secretive spying group, ‘Five Eyes’ of USA, Canada, Britain, Australia & New Zealand, like to keep the world under their spying, listening and watching radar; through their numerous telecommunication networks. Present on-going crisis with Chinese telecommunication giant Huawei is just one excuse, and the coordinated effort by the Family of Five, as the Family feels threaten by it. Read more hidden truth here; https://bbs.chinadaily.com.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=724132

    2. +lxy315lxy USA proof please, mostly seems anecdotal to me. For being a huge security threat, I can’t understand how our president could work them into the trade deal. LOL what a crackpot president. The NSA even spied on our allies.

    3. +lxy315lxy his last video said he was on this program basically working with huawei to get free stuff. he notes that all his thoughts are his own.. but.. he’s still bias towards huawei.

    4. +Sony Aqua Do you find your tinfoil hat by yourself, or should I send one for you? Everything in this video is confirmed by other Medias and newssites. No big secrets at all..

  2. Bro you has been staying with the truth. Love you for your fearless courage to bring the truth to us. Always with you

    1. +Sony Aqua even Samsung & apple also sponsor some particular YouTubers to review & promote their products

    2. +Li Fan check my comments, I dont sponsor and love brands at all. I like people and ideas, just sharing

    3. +Sony Aqua well, all i can c is u copy&paste the same comments everywhere as long as someone support huawei

    4. +Li Fan you can see there are many anti Huawei YouTube’s who get to payed paid by the other companies.That’s how it is. Those brands knows very well that customers these days do researchers & compare before purchase & most of them relies on YouTube reviews. & think of the YouTuber s also putting so much effort on making review videos.why would they do it? Money how viewers nah nah nah. It’s branding a particular product & count ur money at the end of the day.

  3. Thank you Mr. Ren for showing to Mankind what a true humble well mannered respected businessman you are in this generation. You are letting us know what is disgraceful mannerism and backdoor businessman tactics.

    1. +John Smith It looks like Chinese government was right about banning those Websites and some companies due to incompatible requirements. It is clear Chinese companies or any foreign companies can’t depend on USA companies since USA companies are easily controlled by the government here. This is not good news for the USA companies in the long run. The idiot Trump might win this small battle, but China is playing the long game. Huawei will come back. Their sale went up over 130% in the Chinese market after the BAN. People in China will support their tech.

      USA companies sell $380B worth of goods they made in China to Chinese consumers. China can put a hurt on these USA multinational companies. This huge $380B revenue is not mentioned in any news nor is part of trade deficit number. USA government has been lying to people here. All this protectionism will hurt USA in the long run. Trump is playing fire. Most of Americans are clueless about what really is going on.

    1. I’m getting slightly worried that Huawei might not be in the UK after this all blows over, I really like their phones and want to get more by them

    1. It can be said Huawei understands Android better than Google itself. So Huawei’s OS will be very powerful. Huawei’s contributions to Android is very important and Google now shows their true face

  4. oh my god! i like the notebook! is it for sale? 😍😍😍 me wanna have some. i support huawei in this btw.

    1. +Sony Aqua nah . im now using huawei honor play. very good in gaming. very good price per performance. be smart.

    2. +Sony Aqua yea. its depends on who you want to be. either a thiefs or a good citizen. on my opinion i really support social rating system.

    3. +Big Dipper not beeing concerned is not beeing alive, I care about my privacy and have nothing to hide but the big companies looks more and more suspiciuos to me, they care about data more than the actual customers

  5. You have been providing lots of great information. So you’re not an idiot, bro. A lot of people got your back.

  6. I really love Huawei phones and really hope that they will release their own OS and build their own processor so they won’t depend on US. Nwei, thanks for this great video. I just subscribed! Watching from the Philippines! 😊👍

  7. There are 300 top Android experts in this world and Huawei has over 100 of them. Huawei understands Android better than Google itself. So Huawei’s OS will be very powerful

  8. This designn is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a readeer amused.

    Between your wiit and your videos, I was almost mmoved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!


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