The REAL History of HUAWEI !

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Right now Huawei and the Huawei P30 is in the news everywhere because of spying accuse, arrests and 5G fears. So let's talk about the real history of Huawei.
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Will Huawei make it three straight sensational flagships with the P30 Pro? Rumours are already swirling about the company's next premium handset, which has a couple of tough acts to follow. Even so, it could again be the flagship to beat in early 2019, although Samsung's Galaxy S10 and other handsets may give it a run for its money.
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Comment (37)

    1. Well not really. My brother had P20 lite and it was not worth it price tbh. For 330€ which my brother paid him it was probably better if he bought Nokia 7 plus which is phone that is today very good and now you can grab one for 280€. Then he bought Mate 10 pro and it is certainly good phone but S9+ or Note 9 is much better in all segments . Software, Hardware, Specs, and overall feel of phone. I think Huawei can make good phone but never as good as Samsung one. That is fact.

    2. I don’t like either Samsung or Huawei, but sorry no Samsung is better. They are just a honest korean company like most other phone brands. Huawei on the other hand is known for being the Chinese governments pet

  1. Being a former employe and a big fan, Huawei will rule the 5G era with end to end products & solutions both for businesses and consumers 🤘
    But the US won’t allow it 😟

  2. Tolles Video einfach.
    Naja das sind eher “Feature Phones” als Smartphones 😅
    Das war leider alles vor meiner Zeit. Mein erstes Huawei ist das Honor 6x, was ich aktuell habe.

  3. I want The REAL History of Samsung. Remember old days (80) when Samsung was cheep electronic with poor Receivers and VHS. Nowadays its a quality brand. What a journey!


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