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The Galaxy S9+ Overlooked But Still A Great Mobile In Late 2018

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My favorite mobile of 2018 I've tested. It may come as a surprise, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. But It can be bought for much cheaper now and even this late in 2018 it still offers a lot. However, like all mobiles, it's not perfect. But if you can get one for cheap I say go for it.

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Comment (43)

  1. As I live in Korea, i have to admit that samsung phones are still best to use in my country, its not the fastest android phone(oneplus or pixel would), not the best performance or not the best battery life, but its good and doing very well at almost every aspects, and check all the convenience parts like ip68 resistant, wireless charging, good specs, bit slow but reliable update for 2 times.
    And one more big thing is at here most of chinese or other country’s phone doesnt support volte unless they officially sell by carriers.. we dont have much choices when you need clear voice call quality,
    Thats why i took s8+ with my daily driver op6

  2. Months down the road its going to get screen burn and it will start to slow down my s8 plus is in good condition and its got screenburn and its now lagging im sure its the touchwiz rubbish samsung need to ditch it!

    1. No screen burn on my S6 Edge or S7 they have been used for years… see the video here for proof of this. But I admit I never left the screen on for long on the same image where possible. My major issue the battery life is shot on both and I need new batteries for them. Also, they have slowed down considerably.

    2. my s8 plus has got really bad screenburn. The notification bar has burnt into the phone and the keypad has also been burnt into it too. Its slowed down really bad from the software and ram it now stutters when scrolling!

    1. yes man… Samsung’s hardware arguably best in class but their software is pulling them behind.

    2. As a die hard stock Android fan I can’t believe that I actually say it but: since Android 8.0 I actually prefer Samsung’s take on Android over the bare bones feature less Android One.
      They include a lot of neat and genuinely usefully features and their stock apps are actually pretty damn good, I much prefer Samsung’s web browser over chrome with way smoother performance and ad blocker support for example.
      And seeing how half assed Android pie seems (just look at the “gestures”)vs. the upcoming One UI which seems very smart considering the massive screen sizes phones have nowadays it should only become better.

  3. I’ve been crushing with the Mi Max 2 and I’m still not compelled to replace it. Like you said – the only downside is the camera, and now the aging huge chin and forehead design

  4. In my own tech circle, this isn’t an overlooked device, imo (respectful of your opinion) . It was just the first big phone of the 2018 season. I had the device and traded it for a Note device.

  5. We definitely respect your opinion and view Chris, thank u for sharing! What u think about huawei p20 x? Will it be the next big thing?

    1. P20 X? You mean the Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 X? I had a go of the 20 Pro in a store. Feels nice but I need to have a good day with one at least but it does look decent. Certainly has a lot on offer.

  6. Why don’t you try to use Gcam on the mi max 3 or the s9+
    Then you would get a killer camera on all of them both front and back..

  7. I also have a S9 + and I am very satisfied with the phone because it offers the best overall package (camera, display, inductive charging, waterproof). I have two points of criticism and that is Bixby including the button, which I often press accidentally and the high scratch sensitivity. I already have several scratches on the display and on the back. I recommend the use of the original Samsung screen protector.

    1. I also think it’s the best overall package even in December now. That annoying Bixby button you can set to do nothing and the bixby home screen can be disabled. Looking at screen I see super fine scratches 2-3 in only 2 months use, had this issue with Gorilla Glass 5 on other phones, Way too easy to get fine scratches. What about your face unlocking? Bit slow at times right?

  8. Argh, my bad, Bixby home can be disabled. Silly me was looking in home screen settings. Not the screen itself I ignored it as I don’t like Bixby or use it.

    1. Yes, I’m really pleased with it, one of my best photos I think if not the best on a mobile. Timed it right, it looks a bit too green to some, but that’s really how it was if maybe a little oversaturated vs reality.

    2. +Viyus Avery a little, but you also had to have been there. NZ that time of year is very green, super clear skies etc.

  9. This is actually one of the most popular phone this year.
    Once the price drops below $600, it’s sold like nuts. Haha see what i did there

    Good review, btw 👍

  10. Ive had Galaxy S phones years ago, the original Galaxy S,the Galaxy S3 (original 3G model) but after that I went a different way, wanted try some diff brands, went HTC for few phones (regretted later, battery issues) but currently using Mi Max 2 (purchase based largely on reviewers like you 👍).
    But my wife has the S9+ and so far she’s very happy with it.

    1. Max 2 was/is still awesome, I used mine since release and gave it a real beating and it held up well. I miss its battery life and the max 3’s.

  11. The S9+ is only worth someone who wants an outstanding camera like you. However if the camera is not the main requirement better of having something else. I did buy a MM3 because of your review mainly and more or less I’m happy with it, and also bought a Poco f1 again after seen your review. So I have 2 phone on the price of your S9+. Apart of the cam I think they are better then the S9+. This is subjective tough just like your review here. Anyway keep up the good work! 😉

    1. Not just the cameras which I like a lot but also the package as a whole with the newer lower price. It cost me 519 euros. So I didn’t pay the full asking release price here. The Max 3 the F1 can all take good photos as you know, just the S9/S9+ and others are more consistent. Video is where the difference is very obvious, much better on the Samsung’s I find, much better audio. Of course, all subjective but I do love the cheaper phones which is why I cover them so much. I’ not into paying $1000 for a phone when the likes of the poco F1 can “almost” do it all for $700 less.

  12. Just to clear some things up, I’ve been using the s9 plus since may and I’ve to say it’s been a pretty good phone so far. Yes the fingerprint scanner isn’t the fastest and the face Id can sometimes be slow but I think you haven’t configured it right. Make sure you choose the intelligent scan and set it up on a well lit environment and not under sun light, the red dot for the iris scanner on the top left should light up everytime you unlock it and it usually takes 1 to 1.5 sec with mine but mine is the exynos version bought in germany so that could make a difference. And the Bixby notification menu can be turned off by pressing and holding on the screen, swiping left and unchecking it


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