The Cheapest Folding Phone in 2019 – Under $140

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This is the most affordable foldable phone that you can get this year!
Check it out on Amazon US: or Amazon CA:

The ZTE Axon M is one of the first foldable phones ever made and it was released almost 2 years ago. Back when the Axon M was released it was quite expensive, retailing for over $850 but now, anyone can get one for just under $140.
Considering how low the price has gotten this days, this phone is an absolute steal!

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Comment (42)

    1. @Redskull yes , the $124.99 price was the cheapest it had gotten , and that was around the pre launch of the Samsung and other company’s launching there models.
      at the $136. price i think it’s a deal. i plan on getting it an was only as of two days ago looking at it again. now with your review i better get it soon before the price goes up or sell out lol.

  1. hmm, I could see myself playing Ingress and Pokémon GO / Wizards Unite simultaneously on this.
    Also for terminal stuff like SSH’ing into my server this could be useful, with the terminal on one, and the keyboard on the other screen.

  2. Suggestion you should do a video with the Ipega 9083s controller showing the emulator as Launchbox will be launching on android soon if not already.
    IPEGA PG-9083S Wireless adapter 4.0 Joystick Gamepad

  3. Awesome Alex! Thanks for making this video, I don’t think this device good the attention it deserved when it came out.

  4. Alex! Whyyyy???
    I was all set to get either the Meizu X8 or the note 9 (the X8 is slightly more high end IMHO) it had a lovely price drop also and now you show me this thing… For a moment you had me in doubt there…. But I think imma stick with the original plan and go for a Meizu 🙂

    1. Yes, difficult to do anything on both screens with that black bar in the middle. I am pretty sure this was mostly intended for multitasking… having one app on one screen and another app on the other screen

  5. Nice folding phone!!!! I found the Lenovo k6 note here in greece online for 100 euros! Should i buy it?

    1. I don’t think I tried that one… not sure what to say… or I don’t remember it… on the other hand… I’m gonna come to Greece next June 🙂

  6. I own this phone for the last two months. It literally can be a daily driver! Its not bad at all. It’s crazy good value!


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