The BEST 8K TV 2019 – Sony ZG9/ Z9G Master Series 8K HDR TV Review

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With the Sony ZG9 / Z9G 8K TV, 8K finally hits the market for home entertainment and multimedia nerds. But is it worth the high price ?
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But if cost is not a concern, and you want to be at the bleeding edge of TV tech, the Sony ZG9 is the TV to buy. Unlike the Samsung Q900R, which was in some ways weaker than its own 4K siblings, there’s almost no downside to the performance of the ZG9: it produces a stunning but effortlessly balanced picture, and it sounds good, too. The fact that it boasts a striking, attention-grabbing design also does it no harm
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  1. Sorry for the bad audio in the beginning. there was a loud hissing sound that i had to remove. Probably from some of the equipment in the room 😮 Hope its still okay for you guys.

  2. Yo I got the Sony a9g and cant be happier they fixed a few issues with the q9f the shadow detail is better and now the abl seems better also highlights are even more impactful but yeah they improved on the only things they needed to and I mean the a9f was already so beastly you cant get much better and somehow they did I love how Sony can get a natural image with very vivid colors they def know what there doing most are either bland and so called natural or over saturated Sony ahs that balance of super accurate but still super colorful its beautiful I’m still upset they put hdmi 2.1 on the z9g and not the a9g should of been on both because they said at CES the a9g is 2m1 compatible they just decided to add earc and no 2.1 input like wtf guys comes on was almost going to get the lg c9 because side by side it was still fantastic then you get 2.1 and the vrr I mean it’s a hard dels to pass up and it cost less but with Sony you know your getting the best and the processing cant be beat

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