The $644 144hz Gaming Laptop Update #2 One Month Later!

Follow up on the Clevo NB60TA aka Maibenben Heimai 7 Nvidia GTX 1650 Gaming laptop with 144hz screen, 256GB NVMe, 8GB DDR4, and upgradable LGA1151 Desktop CPU. This video covers i5 9400 battery life, 4k video encoding, Fornite settings for stable144FPS & 144Hhz and more. It can be found here for about $680 (now) (affiliate link)

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Upgrading the weak 2 core CPU to a 6 core 9th Gen CPU:

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Comment (32)

  1. Good work on this review. Very informative and helpful – and excellent work in modifying the laptop with an i5. Your hard work on this is much appreciated!

  2. Not bad, there will always be those deal hunters who find great deals that beat this(specifically in the US). But for the in-stock, readily available, and ships just about wherever (thanks to AliExpress) and relatively upgradeable nature of this system, it’s not a bad deal. 🙂

    1. Another brand Shinelon (Same Clevo base as this) is shipping them with the i5 9400 and even i7 9700 (non K) the cooling can handle it just fine. But yes a 35W CPU would also be just perfect in it and less top fan noise I would imagine.

  3. What’s the deal with Battery wear increase? Is the CPU affecting it? I guess they did not design the electronics inside to feed a 65W CPU for a long time? (it’s just my theory)

  4. The battery life in this laptop is to bad even running the i5 cpu. Can you check if the cpu package is reaching C8 state in HWinfo?.And if not can you disable CFG lock in bios and set Package C-state to highest;setting windows power scheme to power saver and updating the intel sata controller driver may help to.

  5. Battery life is sooooooo important on a laptop and a pickle on Chinese products. Having said that, still enjoying my 2 year old core m3 Xiaomi Mi Notebook, including battery life, for casual use. Still an amazing looking little gem!

  6. Chris, do you have a web link for that Shinelon 16.1″ 1660 ti laptop you flagged up?
    The 1650 is undeniably a decent GPU but if, like me, you’re looking to upgrade from a 1050 ti (or even a 1060), the 1650 isn’t a big enough ‘bump’ to justify a new laptop. However the 1660 ti is. Thanks, and keep these great videos coming!

  7. Hey Chris, I’m wondering if you can review the 2019 model of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro with MX250. I’m curious on what have changed, also wanna see if the SSD speed issue is fixed or not.

  8. I’m still enjoying my laptop here too! The Heimai 7 is pretty sweet.

    Now I’m awaiting an i5 9600K to arrive… yeah… it’s a 9600K. I actually wanted a 9400, but I found a 9600K which was cheaper than the 9400.
    It’s feels like a waste to a K CPU, but it isn’t all that bad. I was worried about power consumption and it seems the 8400 and 9600K at stock clock consumes about the same. Also other laptops with the same cooling solution seems to be able to handle i7 9700.
    That’s the Brazilian PC parts… extremely confusing and unpredictable. lol

    With the Pentium G5420 typing texts on Chrome, the battery lasts 3 hours and 50 minutes in lowest brightness.

    Also, playing with battery I noticed some stutters in some games like Overload.

    I still didn’t overclocked the GTX1650 yet.

    The only thing that’s annoying me a bit it the audio drivers for microphone… it seems more related to Windows 10 updates than the laptop itself.
    I reinstalled Windows 10 three time so far… yeah… 😛


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