The 5.2Ghz Core i9 Mini PC As Small As A NUC

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Crazy Core i9 8950HK mini pc that can be overclocked up to 5.2Ghz. Best of all it's tiny (Smaller than a PSU)very quiet and has two M.2 NVMe + 2.5" SATA3 slots. Where to buy: 8750H version full review: eGPU stand review for gaming:

01:15 – Bios
03:06 – Benchmarks
07:18 – Thermals / Power
08:09 – 4k video encoding
09:31 – 100% Linux support
09:53 – Recap/final words

GB4 8750H mini PC score:

GB4 8950HK mini PC 5Ghz score:

GB4 8950HK mini PC 5.2Ghz score:

Core i7 8700K @ 5GHz score:

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Comment (33)

  1. By the way 5.2Ghz is stable with a 0.40+ to core voltage. If anyone knows how to unlock, edit and reflash this American Megatrends bios please let me know. Maybe we can squeeze even more out of this.

    1. for the love of experimentation, can you please hackintosh it and tell us if its possible with a replacement wi/bt or mods? And post how2 as it would be an amazing video for a mac-mini replacment

    2. +Steve, TheDailyShaver And face legal action/take downs etc from Apple like others have with hackintosh vids?

    3. +TechTablets.com OK great! Now I understand why are we not getting the Hackintosh project. After Watching your video about the i7 model, I went down to the idea that this could be a great hackintosh. I’m looking for a replacement for my old Mac Pro 3.1. I found the i9 Model and even a Xeon Model in Ali express. I have done a few hackintosh in the past and I know that tweaking the BIOS is the most important part of the process. So before buying any of the models to try a hackintosh, might be worth it to first find the way to re-flash this American Megatrends bios with one which have more options. Any progress on that I will let you know. Thanks for the great content!

  2. I had some problem with the rtl8186 drivers under Debian based Linux. Have to download separately from another repo.

  3. These mini PCs are giving me a bit of buyer’s remorse for my 1-yr old laptop (i5 8250u). Back then these NUC-style PCs from Aliexpress only had Pentium and Celeron, or overpriced dual core 7th gen (i5 7200u).

    Today I would have bought either the 8300H or 8750H mini PC, and for such a cheap price too! The ability to attach an external GPU makes this a great option – thanks Chris for all this info 🙂

  4. Chris, this sounds awesome but what are some good uses of this? Buy a really big monitor and use it like an all in one PC?

  5. odd question, will the Intel 9260 WiFi card work with the xiaomi notebook pro 15″ (1st Gen) i5 8250u and 8gb ram?

  6. For a person who does not have power supply, sodimm ram or a nvme ssd, how much would these cost in total? Let’s say 500gb ssd, 32gb ram and a good power supply.


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