Teclast P10S Gaming test/PUBG/Call of Duty/Arena of Valor/SC9863A review

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Probably in a to three weeks, it will be sold for 100 bucks on clash, the promotions – so maybe you are watching this video in that period, so get it in just this is a crazy tablet, super low price having super large display in cell technology. I have sharp with really great and viewing angles and a large e. This is a large tablet and just checking out how large it is. My hands are super large and this is 10.1 inch tablet and I can't handle it it's just too large, which is really good for videos and playing some strategic games. I don't know maybe clash Royale, maybe I don't know. But what do we have? Those I didn't forget what kind of games you have which are popular these days for the kids. This is a perfect is a perfect, perfect tablet for kids and students. Perfect speakers are loud but are distorted at 100, see the other source at ed 100 sent a bit so just put it around 80. That should be fine Applause. Two gigs of RAM 32 gigs of storage, 4G LTE supported. Basically, it has also a phone call support mobile data support, bluetooth, 5.0, dual band Wi Fi SD card support and 6000 mAh battery, which can give you 10 hours in time for video playback, ok, bullet force on teca's, P, 10s, medium, graphics, man and s – is such A large display check out this game isn't a fool in the full screen display Mona Applause Applause, okay, pop G gameplay, test to the Tecla speed 10's, a czech raildays ninjas on default settings and not using GFX tool whatsoever; Music, Music, okay, that's, better than just it's Kind of playable settings would you show right now: I'm, not using GTX tool, smooth graphics, primate medium I'm.

In such a large display nice game, our boy is 45 you're dead, Music. This tablet also doesn't overheat in just a didn't, had any overheat issue whatsoever. Eris contact 1.6 Lagarde says so. You shouldn't expect any overheating and an optimized SOC ninja. This is a really optimized Associated guarding the heating that's. It magician right now for the and the temperatures so under up, probably 36 that's. I see it's under 40 min 37. Here I had 37 perfect buying links in the description. Thank you. Okay, just arena of the lure man that is impressive, this on low settings, but it runs really good decent speed here, decent speed. What is the pink 66? Ms and that's a decent that's, a decent FPS. We have 40 FPS here out of 60. This decent adjust. It is playable, it is playable we'll see next enemies how much we will have them. We got 28 fps, still 30 FS that's normal that's, okay, 34 FPS. As enemy has been defeated, Music – oh I'm, dead here I'm dead. Will I survive. This fear is the one true sense I managed to escape. I managed to escape. Show you here. The settings can, I do, go through settings over here it mode and oh now I can't. I can go through things just to the high primate mode. An enemy has been defeated: Music, okay, let's, go to the next game. Okay Call of Duty mobile on hectic life, speed 10s, we will see.

Is it even playable, there's gon na be on low graphics, quality and frame rate as a high I'm gon na just delete disable devil depth of field and we're gon na play it let's play it in just let's. Do it? Okay, we are in the game, let's check this out. It'S gon na be the is gon na be a bit difficult, because this display is not that sensitive and you need to really super sensitive for this kind of game. Because you can see myself, I need to drag a little bit longer to aim around look around. But again, all the tablets with this price tag are kind of the same Applause. Applause anyway, let's go with a pop G for now it's kind of playable. Just that you need to lag a little bit longer there, like I mean I mean swipe, not lag longer.

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