Teclast F7 Plus Copper Heatsink Mod – Lower Temps Up To 25 Degrees C

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Teclast F7 Plus Notebook 14.0 inch Windows 10 Inte... US $339.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
Teclast F7 Plus Notebook 14.0 inch Windows 10 Inte... US $339.99 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
Authentic TECLAST F7 Plus 14" IPS Quad-Core Notebo... 353.99 fasttech Buy Now
Teclast F7 Plus Slim Notebook 14.0'' Windows 10 In... US $359.00 ALIEXPRESS Buy Now
Teclast F7 Plus Notebook 359.99 gearbest Buy Now
Teclast F7 Plus Notebook US $359.99
US $503.59
GearBest Buy Now

My copper heatsink + thermal pad mod for the Teclast F7 Plus, great if you want to push the power limits and performance. Where to buy: 292 Euros here:

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Comment (10)

    1. Do you play game or anything like video editing?
      25 C lower is a big change, though? I mean even less hassle in future for any possible throttle.

    2. +Mahmad Ridwan OZDD well i would like to game with a little more fps but just on normal use and when charging sometimes it gets really warm where the cpu is maybe i can use a mod like this to spread the heat over more

    3. +Daniel Pullicino is worth to try, but electronics are holding high voltages, you gotta be extremely careful. Good luck.


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