Sony PlayStation, YouTube HUGE PS5 UPDATE! Sony Responds to Backlash, Admits They "Missed the Mark!" Major Changes Made…

Sean layton reveals why he left sony, interactive entertainment and an alan wake. Remaster leaks online and it looks like its coming to the playstation consoles. All this and much much more in todays edition of the salty playstation news report lets get into it. Music, whats up playstation nation in todays, first story im […]

Sony PlayStation, YouTube macht AUGE?👀 90-TAGES-BANN auf PLAYSTATION!😳 | MontanaBlack Realtalk

Drauf geschissen dreimal wollte schon gewarnt, ich habe dreimal frei playstation angerufen und nach dem grund gefragt denn, ich mchte ich natrlich wissen warum, ich gebannt werde auf meinem account mit konnte playstation jedes mal keine auskunft, geben warum das, so ist kann ich auch nicht sagen ich finde Es ehrlicherweise etwas schade denn, ich […]

Sony PlayStation, YouTube 5 Unboxing (First Impressions) – Adam Koralik

This is adam carlick from figured out productions. The following video is a video of some kind and i hope you enjoy it. Hey guys its adam here and look what finally happened. Yes, i was able to finally get a playstation 5. uh. This took a ridiculous amount of time um, but i was […]

Dead Space, Electronic Arts, Video game remake, Visceral Games, Resident Evil 2, Motive Studios, YouTube we need a new Dead Space? [Dead Space 4 – Dead Space Remake rumours] – Roy McCoy

I’Ve ever had a masterpiece of gaming, a benchmarkof survival horror. The necromorphs were some of the most perfectly terrifying enemies, i’ve ever faced the daunting and terrifying. The atmosphere of the ghost spaceship. The Ishimura was just the perfect place to set this game and all in all, the experience was absolutely phenomenal. The […]

Gabbie Hanna, Escape the Night, Joey Graceffa, YouTube Rosanna Pansino CALLS OUT Gabbie Hanna Defends Joey Graceffa!

Welcome back to my channel little chaos um welcome back! If you are new to my channel, my name is sebastian and i’m keeping you guys updated on everything that’s going on with gabby hannah right now, uh versus joey versus trisha versus everyone right. So, if you are new hi, i always keep girl […]

Gabbie Hanna, Escape the Night, Joey Graceffa, YouTube IT'S YOU GABBIE!

If you want to check out the new escape the night march, there’s so much drama going on right now: Music, hey what is up all my social, climbing friends, it’s, dustin and i’m back with the video. I know that it’s been a minute because i didn’t want to keep regurgitating everything that was […]

Gabbie Hanna, Escape the Night, Joey Graceffa, YouTube XPOSES Joey Graceffa! (Escape The Nightmare)

Oh girl. This girl gave me anxiety, um welcome back to my channel you guys. If you are new to my channel, my name is sebastian. I welcome you guys with open arms. Um, if you are wondering i’m wearing the glow recipe lip pop um chapstick, it is so cute and makes your lips […]

Non-fungible token, Charlie Bit My Finger, YouTube, Viral video ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Family on Their NFT Launch | The Hash – CoinDesk TV

Let’S, take a look bit me wow that really hurts ellie’s pretty happy life comes at you fast, oh right! Well, that looked like it really hurt, so that i think i watched that video for an entire year straight when it came out so the charlie bit me, video has over 880 million views […]

Non-fungible token, Charlie Bit My Finger, YouTube, Viral video "Charlie Bit My Finger" to be Deleted From YouTube and Turned Into an NFT

We find out why this video is being removed from youtube, how australia did at eurovision this year and we take a look at ufos, but before we get into that, why don’t you hit subscribe now i don’t want to alarm you, but this video is set to Be deleted from the that internet […]

YouTube aching Baby The Kitten SECRET In Minecraft!

Will i be able to help my baby kitten, get ready to survive in minecraft, or will she call a catastrophe, so let’s find out, oh and be sure to like and subscribe? I heard ian has a new fish and i’m excited to see his new fish? You know personally pay it to visit […]