MIUI, Xiaomi, Android 12.5 VS One UI 3.1 VS Stock Android Xiaomi VS Samsung

5 and stock android were going to talk about some of the differences in the user experience today. Hey guys, my name is mitchell im fluent in tech, so you dont need to be, and if you guys want to go ahead and ask me, questions twitter or the links down below is the best […]


No final de 2021 mas os desenvolvedores de temas da xiaomi criaram um tema que simula a nova central de controle da mil em 13 e funciona no seu xiaomi namewee 12 ou na Uai 12.5 deixa eu mostrar como que voc baixa e ativa esse novo recurso Olha Que bacana entra aqui na loja […]

MIUI, Xiaomi, Android 's New Desktop Mode For Android Pretty Cool!

This was actually launched recently with the miui 12.5 update for another device in their lineup, known as the me mix fold. But as soon as you side load that application on the me pad 5 or the me pad 5 pro, which we have in this video. It does work with this unit. They […]

Xiaomi, Apple, Smartphone Diese Smartphones nutzen wir! (2021)

Nicht die promax version, warum das, max nicht ja, es ist mir, ehrlich gesagt ein bisschen zu gro und zu kantig und warum die pro version: nicht ich mag das auftrieb vom normalen 12 mehr das farbschema gefllt mir sehr gut der stabiler, aluminium rahmen der keine, fingerabdrcke anzieht Gefllt mir auch sehr gut und […]

Xiaomi, Apple, Smartphone 8 Smartphone Xiaomi yểu mệnh. Nhiều máy rất OK mà chả ai mua!

I vi mnh vi c hiu anh em th ci tri nghim trn mn, hnh, n nhiu, hn, l, tri, nghim, v, loa vi, nn cho in thoi, ny n mi, khng m trn, chin ln, th 2. With me Note 10 nm gi mnh thy y l, mt ci, phin bn khng bit ni […]

Xiaomi, Apple, Smartphone Questo è lo SMARTPHONE XIAOMI che più mi fa INCAZZARE!

I vostri parenti e iscrivetevi mi raccomando al canale, youtube b11 ultra velo sempre detto secondo me uno, degli, smartphone, pi belli, quest’anno, che sono, usciti, sul mercato, uno smartphone, che divide, perch non, a tutti piace non, a tutti, piace uno schumi, che costa cos tanto c’ da Dire per la verit che rom […]

Xiaomi, MIUI, India, Mobile phone 10T VS IPHONE 11 PRO – SPEED TEST!!

Ok, oh al is de hel is toen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLWmD_Ro8Ok

Xiaomi, MIUI, India, Mobile phone Lineage OS 17.1 POCO M3 Unofficial

The kita pilih lineage OS ya, ini 17, jadi Android 10 ya, Oke ini, proses, flashing, nya di tunggu, saja sampai, selesai, Mungkin, sekitar, lima, menitan, ya, mungkin, nggak, nyampe, malah, ya, di sini, ada, basisnya, ya, Ini, dari, MIUI, 12.4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URfimDJ7Wqw

Xiaomi, MIUI, Mobile phone, India 12.5 Xiaomi EU Android 11 Stable GSI – Project Treble Rom

I can’t fight go down Music. I was angry before Music. Let the sun go down. Music. Music. Music let’s go Music Music. I was angry before Music. I can’t fight Music. I was angry before the driving. In my mind, Music. Let the sun go down. Music Music. Music. Let’S go Music is Music […]

Xiaomi, MIUI, Mobile phone, India 12.5 [17/03/2021] Review on Redmi Note 7 Pro! Worse Than Before?

5. This is the 21.3.1. That means it is the 17th march 2021 build of the xiaomi.eu miui 12.5. But before i start, let me tell you this is a multilingual rom, of course xiaomi dot. U so you can flash it basically on any regional devices, and here i have flashed it on the […]