Xbox One, Psychonauts 2 · Summer 2021 LAUNCH Update

, MEOWING, SQUISHING, SOUND. Welcome to my office. I have absolute peace and quiet in here.. There is a cat in here.. I dont know Wait the cats missing. TIM. Is it graffiti Argh? Now he is just That is called urban camouflage.. No one is going to notice you guys. That happens in Ratchet […]

Xbox One, Psychonauts 2 12 Minutes and Psychonauts 2 | Xbox Game Pass Show

We have a few heavy hitters hitting the platform this time around, which is super cool, so leave a like subscribe and lets check them out. Im really excited about the games that are hitting xbox game pass. This time around weve got humankind which is available on pc Music. We have need for speed […]

Xbox One, Psychonauts 2 Game Pass Update | Psychonauts 2, Twelve Minutes + MORE ADDED

First, up weve got the enthralling 12 minutes available across all xbox game pass platforms from august 19th, a man voiced by james mcavoy is enjoying a quiet night in when his wife surprises him. With the news that shes pregnant, then a police officer surprises them, both by bursting into their house and accusing […]

Quake, id Software, Xbox One What's Next For DOOM ETERNAL? Horde Mode, Master Levels, Battlemode Updates! QUAKECON RECAP!

So lets begin so im going to start from the very beginning, so they first started talking about the cosmetics and what is the rough process of creating them, and hugo basically goes through the creation of the skins from the conceptual phase on to the development phase. He also talked about the reason behind […]

Quake, id Software, Xbox One New QUAKE content? WHAT YEAR IS IT??? — Let's Play Quake (NEW EXPANSION MAPS)

I was kind of hoping for like a remake or something like that. Maybe theres still going to be something new and cool announced in the near future, but we are going to be diving into this remaster right here, its in glorious widescreen, its got some sort of like graphical upgrades. I know you […]

Quake, id Software, Xbox One Will There Be A Quake Reboot Soon?

It carved the path for new games to take advantage of the quick engine and innovative multiplayer arena. Shooters. To this day it is still influential to many other games and now has the potential to have a reboot, which i think is way overdue. Hows it going everyone hope youre having a great day […]

Electronic Arts, Madden NFL, EA Play, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 21 NEXT GEN Franchise Career | Playing My First Madden Game Since Madden '09

shout out to wagner 44 man for basically challenging me. I it wasnt really a challenge, but he basically suggested that i do this basically im gon na put it up on the screen. He basically told me to do a franchise with my favorite team and just make a video out of it. Quick […]

Electronic Arts, Madden NFL, EA Play, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 THIS IS HOW TO GET THE FIFA 22 BETA… – #FIFA22

Let me show you how roll it if you need any more coins for the new footage. Promo look no further than u7 by use my codexator at checkout for five percent off whats up guys and welcome back to another video. Today we have fifa 22, a very short, quick video. I want to […]


Video today hope you guys are doing good, and today i am here to show you guys how you can actually play madden 22 early um its not directly now, but it should be tomorrow. I should be dropping this video on the 10th of august and it should be coming out on the 11th […]

Madden NFL, Electronic Arts, EA Play, Xbox One, Pre-order WHICH LEGENDS PREORDER PACK YOU SHOULD CHOOSE IN MADDEN 22 !

Now i dont want yall to think like im, dirty if youre seeing this video after my uh free elites, video uh, which, by the way that should be one of these ways, its going to be up here in the cards about how to get free elites. When madden 22 comes out, but here […]