Wembley Stadium, London – THIS IS HOW THEY BUILT IT! (Meet The Euro 2020 Stadiums)

Exhibition. This event, which ran between 1924 and 1925, would have pavilions for 58 territories, with the aim to strengthen trade and allow for fog to gain a better understanding of different parts which made up the empire with the exhibition attracting 27 million visitors. The centerpiece of the exhibition would be the empire stadium, […]

Wembley Stadium, London Euro 2020 final: England vs Italy – Fans arrive at Wembley

This is the first final for the england men’s team in europe’s top football tournament, they’re, hoping to defeat italy who last lifted the trophy in 1968, adam rainey is standing by for us in rome, but first let’s go to paul brennan, who is at wembley stadium, where, As i said, the final is […]

Wembley Stadium, London IT'S COMING HOME | Celebrations from Wembley | England 2-1 Denmark | England Fans Gone Crazy | Win

We are fully stopped here so that the people be under control. Police dogs are here, Applause we’ll be right outside when we stay here so i’m outside the wembley stadium, and we can see police here and they’ve got dogs. England is one so we’re expecting a big chaos here and they don’t want […]