Warren Buffett, Finance : Hedge Funds are worse than Retail Investors (r/wsb)

How many years have you come? This is my 11th good they’ve been 11 great years. Thank you very much at this meeting uh four or five years ago. You commented that money managers in the aggregate have not done better than various market indices, and you attributed this in part to the frictional cost […]

Warren Buffett, Finance hat Happened To Warren Buffett's Returns

5 percent since 1965.. However, over the last decade, berkshire hathaway has actually slightly lagged behind s p, 500. More importantly, in early 2019, warren buffett actually revealed that he’s had a quote tough time, trying to beat s p 500. So what happened to the oracle of omaha before we get started here? We […]

Warren Buffett, Finance THINKS This $3 Stock Will SOAR By 1000%! 🤫

Thanks again for joining me on another video, sorry i’ve been a bit quiet on the channel, been trying to focus on the members group which we’ve got going here on discord um. If you haven’t checked that out make sure you check out the links in the description box below today, we’ve got an […]