Venus, Atmosphere, Phosphine, Volcano, Earth Science Summary for last month // July 2021 // Podcast

For now no new science summary videos are planned. You can find the podcasts on science summary and on every podcast platform, all items featured in these summaries are included in the wikipedia article 2021 in science astronomers report. The detection of large amounts of methane escaping from the saturn moon enceladus. These amounts […]

Venus, Atmosphere, Phosphine, Volcano, Earth Mars’a Gitme Aşkıyla Yüz Çevirdiğimiz Venüs Hakkında Şaşırtıcı Gerçekler! Venüs Gezegeni görüntüleri

Als, je meer wilt weten over deze planeet die vaak, naar, ons knipoogt aan de nachtelijke hemel Hebben we je met algemene informatie over Venus verteld.Sinds de mensheid zijn richting naar de ruimte is gekeerd zijn er verschillende onderzoeken gedaan over alle planeten van de Solar Systeem en nu hebben we veel informatie over elk […]

Venus, Mars, Planet 1/5 – VENUS Konjunktion MARS – 13.07.2021 – EINE GROSSE LÜGE WIRD ZU ENDE GEHEN! AUSSCHREITUNGEN?

Ich habe gestern zwei horoskope bezglich em finale, ausgearbeitet und habe offensichtlich mich geirrt denn ich habe die kraft der rcklufigkeit saturns unterschtzt die rcklufigkeit eines planeten ist offensichtlich eine wesentlich strkere schwchung als ich es mir. Gedacht habe ich habe gedacht der geburtstag des saturn und die position. Im ersten haus im alten domizil […]

Venus, Mars, Planet Astronews Recent Space Discoveries (Life on Venus, Branson Vs Bezos, China's Mars Base 2033 & more)

More Welcome to the eleventh review of quotSpace and Astronomyquot news selected for you by Insane Curiosity Channel.. The news which will be weekly will try to provide a quick overview of everything interesting that has happened in recent days in the field of astronomical research and space exploration. Keep following us. Bad news coming […]

Venus, Mars, Planet How To Terraform Venus (Quickly)

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Venus, Mars, Horoscope Sexy, Steamy + Ferocious: Venus Conjunct Mars in LEO 🦁 [7/11-7/13] ASTROLOGY

This is happening on july 13th, 2021, and this is an aspect that astrologers have been looking forward to for a minute. You see the last time that venus and mars conjoined was in virgo, not venus’s favorite place, and that was nearly two years ago. That was on august 24th, 2019.. So this was […]

Venus, Mars, Horoscope Enclosed by Saturn and Mars

This is something that’s happening right now for venus, who is sandwiched temporarily between the rays of saturn and mars? This is a traditional concept, so we’re going to talk about what it is, how to identify it in a birth chart, we’re going to talk about something called intervention or how the enclosure might […]

Venus, Mars, Horoscope Cosmic Forecast July 11-17, 2021: Venus and Mars Conjunction + Chiron Retrograde

com – and this is your weekly energy forecast for the week of july 11th. So this week we are still working with the energies of that cancer new moon, that new moon happened on the 9th 10th of july. So, as we start this week, we’re still working with that energy, this new moon […]

Mars, Venus, Conjunction d Mars Conjunction July 2021

Venus is the goddess of love and mars. Is the fearless warrior while they come together exactly on july 13th, we are going to feel the merging of these two energies for about a week on either side of this date. When venus and mars come together. We experience a rebirth of their energies and […]

Mars, Venus, Conjunction What's Next In YOUR Love Life? 👀 💘 The Venus-Mars Conjunction For Your ZODIAC SIGN✨ | July 2021

This isn’t, like the great conjunction of 2021, but the exact date of the conjunction is july 13th. So you can already start to feel this energy manifest, especially when you’re watching this video, i think it’s, probably like july 9th, but um it’s within venus and mars. Right now are within five degrees of […]