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Dota 2, Valve Corporation, Netflix, Player FNCS Finals Trio BANNED ft. H3CZ and Sideshow | The &$!%# Esports Show – Ep. 7

I couldn’t ask for a better time to hop, but before we get to that, we’re should probably talk about esports, starting with our top news story. Today, a trio has been banned for the fortnite championship series after one of their players, told donald mustard, the cco of epic games to kill himself. This […]

Dota 2, Valve Corporation, Netflix, Player This might get you BANNED – Overwatch Police 002 Dota 2

Seen this before gentlemen into the base to protect him from ricky that’s, not in this game yep. So not attempting to do anything. The rest of his team is still playing they’re down 7k gold only, which is at 34 minutes. Not that big actually does finish his bkb and has sold his items. […]

Artifact, Valve Corporation, Dota 2 FISCHL 1ST GODLY ARTIFACT! STREAM HIGHLIGHTS! This is what happen when you get the RIGHT ARM EXODIA

5. 5 hot woo, 5. Tee 222. We eie aa the too na eampm come on come on 222 222 on e, the core 5 222 tae woo hee lee e25 opera, seoul escort amp torpor ho 5 5 opera der wal 222 tel took over 5 o co photo or to die ooh ooh. […]

Artifact, Valve Corporation, Dota 2 Hero Lore – Leshrac the Nihilist

Of course, there is much more depth and layers to it that you can discover and discuss later on, but the very basics and essence of nihilism, or at least how it’s commonly referred to popularly like in existential nihilism, is very basic and natural to have thought about. At least once in your life, […]

Artifact, Valve Corporation, Dota 2 What is Valve Even Working On?

Many who work at the company had to be asked to leave by washington health officials at the beginning of covid and somehow from a work and home environment. They were able to ship half life alex. That said, everything following has been slow, samey and sporadic valve followed up their largest release in years […]