Valve Corporation, Steam Learned How to Make the Steam Deck by Failing with the Steam Machine

That is the new portable gaming pc that is coming out, hopefully at the end of this year. But it looks like a lot of the pre orders, for that are gon na actually be shipping in the first quarter of 2022, but regardless the steam deck is at heart, a steam machine, its just […]

Valve Corporation, Steam Deck Vs Onexplayer | BEST HANDHELD?

I would have never guessed the valve steam deck to be a thing, but here it is challenging the likes of the io neo gpd devices and even the switch. But how does it compare to one of the best, the 1x player? Finally lets? Look at the most interesting part, the specifications but before […]

Valve Corporation, Steam uld Vulkan help CS:GO to Live Long and Prosper?

Instead somewhere youd appreciate, and that was by investigating whether cs go would benefit from vulcan. You may have heard of things like directx or opengl. Well, vulcan is another one of those things and better than the one that cs go currently uses, because it should help to reduce overheads, resulting in more consistent […]

Steam, Valve Corporation Deck Vs GPD Win 3

The steam deck has officially made its debut into the handheld gaming market and is already stealing the attention away from the oled nintendo switch model, as well as many other new handheld entries, but how well does valve steam deck, compare specifically against the gpd win3. Well. First of all, lets try and understand […]

Steam, Valve Corporation & AMD Team Up To Power Up The Steam Deck For Windows Gaming!

Theres been a little bit of news here and there, with certain things going on. I havent talked about everything, but the one that i did find interesting was talking about how amd and valve are working together on increasing performance with this system. So if youre, not aware which im sure most you guys […]

Steam, Valve Corporation Games The Valve Steam Deck Won't Run Even Though It Should?! But Why? Will It Be Fixed?

I mean it just looks pretty damn sweet and you know its not the first of its kind. Sure theres been other handheld pcs out there, but this is going to be one of the first from a big name company now valve they have, you know, put out hardware in the past and it […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo Deck: La NUEVA consola portátil de VALVE | Lo que debes saber

Ms all de steam, puede tener aparentemente hasta gamepad playstation, now etctera, no tiene un precio tan excesivo entonces es una jugada, interesante y para todo. Lo que tienen que saber del steam deck agrrense porque sin ms prembulo empecemos entonces, este indec en s; mismo es tambin un sistema hbrido porque es portable especie […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo Deck Handheld Gaming PC Announced by Valve to Compete With Nintendo Switch

Founder and managing director gabe newell had teased the device in may and it has been made official now with shipping starting december this year, steam deck comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display, flanked by controller buttons and analog sticks on either side. It is powered by an amd, cpu and gpu and will […]


Puede utilizar de manera hbrida mucha gente todos piperos la estn, bautizando como la mata, nintendo switch o la nintendo switch killer, para los acomplejados pero enseguida durante, este vdeo voy, a decir que es una propuesta muy interesante que como alternativa est muy bien por, supuesto pero qu Es ampliamente inferior, a la nintendo […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo, Handheld game console witch OLED Obsolete Already? Steam Deck Is Coming..

I think nintendo knew something 7 inch. Touchscreen on this thing check this out. This is potentially the switch oled killer. This is almost like the switch pro i mean it’s gon na be playing probably all of the third party games and more it just won’t run nintendo games no breath of the wild […]