Comet, Dinosaur, Earth, Theory Origin of the Armageddon causing comet

When it crashed into earth about 66 million years, ago. dramatic, instrumental music, The devastation brought the reign of the dinosaurs to an abrupt and calamitous end.. Where did this Armageddon causing object? Come from and how did it come to hit our planet A pair of Harvard researchers, Avi, Loeb and Amir Siraj believe […]

Comet, Dinosaur, Earth, Theory comet that killed the dinosaurs

My channel also press bell icon for future video notifications thanks. It was tens of miles wide and forever changed history when it crashed into earth. About 66 million years ago, the chiksulib impactor, as it’s known left, behind a crater off the coast of mexico that spans 93 miles and goes 12 miles deep. […]

Comet, Dinosaur, Earth, Theory Magnetic Shift: Another Anomaly, Comet Cycle, Record Cold, Birds | S0 News Feb.16.2021

The record cold struck our pipes and it was a day of mopping. Wiping cutting fitting soldering and insulating learned a lot in one day anyway, i’m going to see if i can match that learning experience for you here, starting with our star as we find that the coronal holes are still dominant, the […]