Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg, Stock [NEWS IN-DEPTH] Inside Facebook's Workroom on Metaverse: Alex Heath with The Verge

With this announcement on the metaverse facebook launched the open beta of horizon workrooms, the future of work from home and remote working a vr workplace. The idea is, like you go in wherever you are, you can have your perfect setup. You can have all your your different monitors, um. You know people can […]

Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg, Stock Cointelegraph Consulting Going down the Metaverse

More than ever, metaversus metaverses have gained its fair share of media attention lately with big moves coming from companies like facebook and epic games. However, not everyone, even those who have been in crypto for a long time, has caught on to what meta verses are despite the hype, but as more companies, celebrities […]

Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg, Stock Another Reason to Own Facebook Stock/ Facebook Will Bring You The Metaverse

I focus a lot on the biotech industry and im now moving also into 3d printing cyber security, and now i want to find the next big thing of where the internet is going in. The future ive often said if you were back in 95, if you could be transported back into 1995, who […]

Cineworld, Stock, LON:CINE, Share price Bulletin Board Heroes: July 16

Even if we fall back again after that, so looking uh slightly better than uh, certainly than it did yesterday when it looked like, we were ready for a move down towards the 60 pence zone, but at the moment above 96, looking for 115 on argo. Next up a stock which seems to be […]

Cineworld, Stock, LON:CINE, Share price Gold Price News – 15-Jul-21 – Gold Price Slips from New 1-Month Highs as China Goes to Discount…

Covid hits asia’s growth, thursday july 15, 2021 1423 gold prices touched new one month highs against all major currencies on thursday before edging back as global stock markets fell together with commodities and longer term interest rates. Amid the worsening wave of kovid 19. with share prices falling for the third day in a […]

Cineworld, Stock, LON:CINE, Share price YC Real Estate: Biggest Home Price CRASH in America?

Honestly, love you see her Face wash With respect The Western University earnestness, treben, tre, realistic homework, certified Rhymastic, quantify process and over wifi, buetooth, Wonder World Housing market in America for five years ago and executing especially different markets. Unipa on the world on, I was to you, have served with the participation of […]


Here is the market going to crash and what you can do about it? There are active steps that traders and investors can take in order to protect themselves as much as possible. Obviously there isn’t a foolproof strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit on your hands and wait. So you […]

Stock, Nasdaq eed To Panic… YET! [Nasdaq, SP500, TSLA, AMC, Bitcoin, Stock Market]

We’Ll also be talking about our technical analysis levels for the s: p, 500, nasdaq, bitcoin, gold, apple, tesla, amc and more, as we said, yesterday, was a little bit scary, but was it just a normal pullback in the bigger upwards trend? It certainly seems so, but there’s a lot to unpack stay tuned. […]

Stock, Nasdaq Buy Now or Sell The Stock Market This Week? This Is The Time! [Nasdaq, DOW, TSLA, SP500, BITCOIN]

Well, here begins our recap of the markets for last week’s close and, of course, our look ahead and straight away. Banks were in focus on the friday, close, take a look at jp, morgan, bank of america, etc. They were up incredibly heavily. This led to the iwm or russell 2000 moving up 2.11 […]

Stock, Apple, NASDAQ:AAPL (AAPL) Technical Analysis for the week of 7/6/21

But it sure is acting like a bounce and it basically was a bounce in the sense that it got very close and then resumed its uptrend and has gained 14 percent, since that last dip apple has continually bounced off this long term. Uptrending support line now it’s pretty far off support, so it’s, […]