Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo Deck Handheld Gaming PC Announced by Valve to Compete With Nintendo Switch

Founder and managing director gabe newell had teased the device in may and it has been made official now with shipping starting december this year, steam deck comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display, flanked by controller buttons and analog sticks on either side. It is powered by an amd, cpu and gpu and will […]


Puede utilizar de manera hbrida mucha gente todos piperos la estn, bautizando como la mata, nintendo switch o la nintendo switch killer, para los acomplejados pero enseguida durante, este vdeo voy, a decir que es una propuesta muy interesante que como alternativa est muy bien por, supuesto pero qu Es ampliamente inferior, a la nintendo […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo, Handheld game console witch OLED Obsolete Already? Steam Deck Is Coming..

I think nintendo knew something 7 inch. Touchscreen on this thing check this out. This is potentially the switch oled killer. This is almost like the switch pro i mean it’s gon na be playing probably all of the third party games and more it just won’t run nintendo games no breath of the wild […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo, Handheld game console TEAM DECK Handheld Gaming PC! Everything you need to know about STEAM DECK!

Yes, you heard me right the steam deck not to be confused with the stream deck, which is a streaming device from elgato. This is the steam deck from steam and from valve, and you can see here, it’s starting at 349 pounds and it ships in december 2021. So if you’re a pc gamer […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Nintendo, Handheld game console La " console " Steam Deck de valve annoncée pour décembre 2021

Tweet que steam sortait une console portable vous la voyez steam valve regarder derrire, il dboute en l2 l’horaire en r2 r3 sur le stick: vers 4h05 au dos de la console, les haut parleurs de chaque ct les boutons x y, a et b sont en haut le Bouton de militants ou les deux […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Handheld game console, Nintendo My REACTION to the new Steam Deck!

While you go in, i wonder, though, if you could take it places don’t you need like a steam link or someone see pc. I wonder if they’ve uh got around that, i wonder how it works when you go toddling on your little travels, that’ll be interesting to see but yeah. So our favorite, […]

Steam, Valve Corporation, Handheld game console, Nintendo I Gave my Little Brother a Minecraft Axolotl in Real Life

Instead, so we’re gon na start heading over there now to go, get his real axolotl in real life. While we go steal his one in in the game itself so max, and i are going to go ahead and do that now. Okay, so obviously, if we are going to want to take jack’s […]

Advanced Micro Devices, Microsoft Windows, Intel, Windows 7, Central processing unit, Computer hardware, Steam Your PC Work with Windows 11?

Everyone welcome to my latest video. Well. This was sort of a follow up to my recent short that i did on the same subject, which is windows 11, which is scheduled to come out in the fall. That has a lot of controversy about that new version and whether or not it will work […]

Team Fortress 2, Valve Corporation, Player, Steam NEW TF2 Summer 2021 Update! Bots Finally Gone!?

As always. Have you guys ever worked on something really really hard? You spend a lot of time on it, you’re proud of it. You put your energy and your soul into it, and then right after that, you find out that it’s, basically irrelevant it’s trash, you got ta, throw it out, it’s unusable. […]

Team Fortress 2, Valve Corporation, Player, Steam UPDATE | BOTS FIXED! (Nevermind, they are back.)

Oh my god. I just got an unusual, so team fortress 2 actually got an update now. This is really interesting because, in this update, it’s sort of the summer 2021 update, as well as a slight box bot fix now. What valve has done is quite interesting and i don’t think they’ve actually fully […]