Comet, Solar System, Oort cloud, Star, Astronomy, Earth Gliese 581C: Our New Home?

His main stars, starting from the brightest one, are Librae, also known as southern chela Librae, also known as chela of the north Libraeand Librae.. Among the other stars, the following stand out: Librae thats, an orange star in the north central part of the constellation HD 140283, which has an incredible age of about […]

Comet, Solar System, Oort cloud, Star, Astronomy, Earth Giant Comet Bernardinelli Bernstein is Outgassing | All Space Considered | August 2021

Our our audience is saying they prefer your pronunciation, patrick, that they prefer when they hear me um so uh. We might find some on this comment, but what is going on with the comet berna bernard and ellie nelly? They always seem to be tongue twisters a little bit, and now it is a […]

Comet, Solar System, Oort cloud, Star, Astronomy, Earth The Biggest Comet Ever Found is Headed Our Way

, If youre interested in growing your language skills, SciShow Space viewers get up to 65 off when you use our link. INTRO, We might think we know our own cosmic neighborhood pretty well, but scientists are discovering new Objects in the solar system, all the time. Most of these are small asteroids or icy […]

Comet, Oort cloud, Solar System, Astronomy, Star TEAM POWERED – Episode 5: Asteroids & Comets

Music, asteroids and comets are space rocks that orbit our sun theyre leftovers from the formation of our solar system 4.5 billion years ago. The main difference between them is their composition, thats. What theyre made of asteroids are made up of metals and rocky material. They formed close to the sun in the main […]

Comet, Oort cloud, Solar System, Astronomy, Star The Mysterious Exoplanet Gliese 1214 B!

Gliese 1214 b Heading right into things. Gliese 1214 b is a very special planet that was found over a decade ago and has been very intriguing to scientists ever since its discovery and examination.. Why? Because its atmosphere is not like most exoplanets that have been discovered, and we do mean that in a […]

Comet, Oort cloud, Solar System, Astronomy, Star id Belt, Kuiper Belt, & Oort Cloud | Settle The Stars (Episode 18)

In our last episode, we ventured farther out than we ever had before out into the kuiper belt to visit some of the most distant dwarf, planets yet discovered. Those objects are notoriously difficult to find, usually with only the most powerful telescopes or by detecting tiny nudges in the orbits of other bodies. Today […]

Meteor shower, Meteoroid, Perseids, Star Disappearing Darkness – Part 2 (Audio Described)

Evolution is probably the most challenging issue facing. You know observing the sky that we have because most sitters walking up and down on an outside staircase in griffith observatory. People don’t really know what it is. It’S, just time lapse of visitors coming and going to watch the city of los angeles skyline and […]

Meteor shower, Meteoroid, Perseids, Star Delta Aquariids meteor shower 2021: watch in Hertfordshire

If you can find your way to somewhere with dark skies, you may still be able to catch some of the brighter ones the meteor shower will peak around july 29th. The meteors are most likely to be visible. Starting at 2 am peaking around 3 30 a.m. You can expect around 25 meteors per […]

Meteor shower, Meteoroid, Perseids, Star July 11 Star Talk: How to Find the Milky Way!

Welcome to our weekly star talk today, we’re going to be talking about our milky way galaxy and how we can find it during these summer months in the sky. But before we do that let’s talk about our moon. We have first quarter moon on july 17th. The next full moon is going to […]

Earth, Milky Way, Planet, Mars, Star, Continent, Venus 5 Theories About What Lies Outside The Observable Universe!

The primordial light began to shoot through the cosmos and spread throughout the entire early universe. At this time, the universe itself also expanded. However, the inflation of the universe slowed down after the first initial eruption, but since then, the rate of expansion has been steadily increasing due to the influence of increasing dark […]