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Sony PlayStation, Xbox, GameStop Trading in my PS5 Console to GameStop… HOW MUCH WILL THEY PAY ME??

What i think i’m going to do you know, obviously i don’t actually want to sell my ps5. I want to keep it so i kind of have to come up with a story for why i’m selling my ps5 or i guess i really don’t – have to but i’m going to you know […]

Sony PlayStation, DualShock, India NEW PS5 Controller Colors! | Price in India, Release Date and more | PS5 News

My name is benjamin, i hope i’m safe here and yeah. Finally, xbox has always done it xbox. You know every time they come up with this beautiful, vibrant colors, on their controllers and playstation. This time they are going the same route, so call rocco. While i was in bed, i just found out […]

Sony PlayStation, DualShock, India The First New PS5 DualSense Colors are Here – IGN Daily Fix

You know that console you probably won’t be able to get until 2023. Well, you can pre order two new controller colors for it right now. The trading card bubble has reached such aggressively ridiculous levels that walmart and target have stopped carrying pokemon cards for safety reasons. An insomniac game said: there’s, nothing stopping […]

Sony PlayStation, DualShock, India Announced NEW DualSense PS5 Controller Colors

If you’re new to this channel make sure you take a look around and let me know what you guys think drop your comments down below don’t forget to subscribe and check out my awesome content on this channel let’s go ahead and get started today. We had awesome news from playstation directly from playstation […]

Headset, Sony PlayStation, Xbox Wireless Headset vs Sony Pulse 3D PS5 Headset | Review

I got the ps5 pulse 3d headset i’m gon na talk about the specs, the audio quality, the mic quality, the latency and just the overall. At the end, so i got goals today you got ta. Go today, throw them threes up for your boy. Let’S get it started, hey all right, let’s get […]

Headset, Sony PlayStation, Xbox Wireless Headset: One Week Later

So if you didn’t know already xbox released their own gaming wireless headset last week, but there’s some good and bad news, the bad news is out of the box. They don’t sound great, but the good news is, it can be improved, but it might cost you. So if you’re wondering is it worth […]

Headset, Sony PlayStation, Xbox 5- vs Xbox-Headset vs Lautsprecher ► Der beste SOUND für’s Gaming!

Ich das mikro aber nicht weswegen ich hier fr headsets mit integriertem mikrofon nutze es wird wohl keinen berraschen wenn, ich sage dass man, mit kopfhrern in den meisten fllen deutlich billiger weg kommt, als mit komplexen lautsprecher set ups, aber auch hier gibt es groe unterschiede in preis Und der ausstattung am billigsten ist […]

PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store AMAZON BOT How To Buy Rtx Gpu OUT OF STOCK PS5 XBOX POKEMON SHOES

So i wanted to do a quick little video because i still have a lot of you guys. Write me asking me questions about the bots um. A lot of you are asking. How do i get the bot to do multiple links and get multiple cards and um? Does the bot only do one […]

PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store Hacks: First Look at Custom Firmware on My PS3 Slim 2021

86 with ferrox custom firmware and i’ve been hesitant on pulling this trigger on my ps3 slim installing the custom firmware And all that good stuff, because i wanted to upgrade the hard drive to a two terabyte hard drive and i didn’t do enough research to know that it’s not really possible to have […]