Ghost of Tsushima, PlayStation 4, Sucker Punch Productions, Director’s cut, Sony PlayStation IRECTOR'S CUT para Sony ps4 y ps5 ¿Ghost of IKISHIMA?IvanchoV

Lo dinmicos que eran los combates las tcnicas que manejaban juego excelentsimo tienes amigos, tenemos noticias, acerca de l, gods of y sima, as que antes de leerles, a todos ustedes que. Lo que ha pasado recuerden, darle click, a ese botn de suscripcin que no cuesta absolutamente nada suscrbase, a este canal es free […]

Ghost of Tsushima, PlayStation 4, Sucker Punch Productions, Director’s cut, Sony PlayStation Of Tsushima Directors Cut Officially Rated – Coming To PS5/PS4!

We have to talk about the ghost of tsushima director’s cut, so today is just all playstation uh, not a bad thing. I guess in case, unless you absolutely hate them right, but uh. You know we. We obviously have talked quite a bit, especially on the main channel of ghost of ikashima right, which […]

Sony PlayStation, Discord, 2021 us July 2021 New Game Leaks

I woke up this morning and saw that push square had published an article about these leaks and kind of substantiated kind of not substantiated they’re, not sure whether or not they’re legit in push squares own words they’re a little bit shaky. However, the source that they came from is kind of legit and […]

Sony PlayStation, Discord, 2021 Leaks new Studio – More Sony Remasters incoming!

This big announcement over twitter last night announcing that house mark has been acquired by sony and, as you know, sony’s got heaps of different twitter accounts. All the different studios have twitter accounts. All the different regions have twitter accounts and playstation japan. Instead of tweeting out that sony purchased house mark tweeted out […]

Sony PlayStation, Discord, 2021 July State of Play

What microsoft has in store what ubisoft has in store? There are still two major players who haven’t shown their hand about what games they have coming out. That is ea and sony now i’m, not here to talk about ea, even since they ignored my dms, but for real ea. If you want to […]

Ratchet & Clank, Insomniac Games, Sony PlayStation p; Clank: Rift Apart – All PlayStation and Insomniac Easter Eggs

I don’t know what else to say there, except that i might have to stop doing these for every dimension. I visit because there’s a little bit less than an infinite amount left and i could have mapped 32 in the time since i started talking okay, i know i was going to stop doing […]

Sony PlayStation, Xbox, GameStop, Sony Corporation 5 | PS5 Unboxing • PS5 2021 • Ashish Tech

It was supposed to come yesterday around what like 3 p.m, but then basically fedex decided to not give it to me. Yesterday – and i received it today for some reason at 11 – am i don’t know what it was, but i finally got my playstation 5, so we i don’t, know man […]

Sony PlayStation, Xbox, GameStop, Sony Corporation Top 5 reasons you don't have a PS5

These are just the boxes to the ones i have some of them so, but you know let’s put those up there i mean who needs boxes anyway, right. No one uses boxes. This is going to be a fast, informative, video i’m. Just trying to get you the information that you need, but before […]


We actually have some crazy news when it comes to the playstation 5 restocks they’re, pretty much in motion and on the way and it’s very, very intriguing when it comes to talking about this stuff, because we’ve had a lot of stuff waiting for this it’s been kind Of postponed for a little while, […]

Sony PlayStation, Xbox, GameStop 5 Restock POSSIBLY Happening at Target THIS Week! (Sources Provided)

Why don’t you take the source which is target themselves that’s right, so i have employee scans coming in of the deliveries that are going to different stores. These are uh relationships that i’ve had for um. Basically, since launch so about half a year now so they’re very trusted sources and it’s very hard […]