This is teachmarqui you for this video i’m going to show you the answers in your activity, which is about asteroids, comets and meteors. So let us now begin question number one. What will happen if a comet gets closer to the sun, a comet? Will the correct answer is form a tail made of […]

Dinosaur, Comet, Solar System, Asteroid New Chicxulub Theory | Comet That Wiped Out Dinosaurs

This new theory explains the possible origin of the chiksy lobe impactor. It was tens of miles wide and forever changed history when it crashed into earth. About 66 million years ago, the chick fil a impactor as it is known, left behind a crater off the coast of mexico that spans 93 miles and […]

Dinosaur, Comet, Solar System, Asteroid Where Did the Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Come From? – 7 Days of Science

But the descent is always the most nerve, wracking part, even more so than the launch perseverance. Will carry with it a tiny helicopter like vehicle that will mark the first powered flight on another world. It has a tough job ahead, but part of perseverance’s job will be preparing for another mission later on […]

Earth, Solar System, Planet, Star, Mars I’m curious about Mars | Planet Exploration Song | Let's Booksplore with Hogi | Learn with Hogi

What was that huh an intruder? A space intruder go get it Music. How far did the intruder go? Let’S, see who’s, so tired, hi, my cute friend. Why are you so tired? I saw a strange intruder and ran after it, but i can’t see where it went. Maybe you saw beep bop beep […]

Earth, Solar System, Planet, Star, Mars for Kids | Planet Facts or Fiction

white., Wh …. What The Sun sends out all colours of the rainbow and all colours of light combined make white light.. If the Sun was a certain colour say, green … Sun is Hulk, Hulk, Smaash, Uh, sure …. Then everything o n Earth would look green or dark., But because its actually white, […]

Earth, Solar System, Planet, Star, Mars ission To Mars: Will Humans Visit The Red Planet By 2030? | NBC Nightly News

We are a nation of explorers right, it’s, part of the human spirit and in the history of the world. Great nations explore the biggest challenge is to take advantage of the fact that you’re there, as a human being as a scientist as an engineer and and you’ve, got to make your presence on […]

Solar System, Pluto, Astronomy cientists Are Amazed At What Was Recently Discovered In Space!

Every galactic discovery helps professionals to draw an even more accurate picture of our galaxy. The 10 most recent discoveries from outer space, which we would like to present to you in today’s video, have also played their part in significantly expanding our knowledge of the universe. We hope you enjoy our galactic journey. If […]

Solar System, Pluto, Astronomy The solar system – Infinity Universe

The solar system is the planetary system that we live on, comprising of the sun, eight planets and many minor planets, asteroids and comets. The solar system began around four and a half billion years ago, when a nebula called the solar nebula formed. The solar system is one of billions of planetary systems in […]

Solar System, Pluto, Astronomy | Planets of the Solar System | Why is Pluto not a Planet anymore | Informative Video

Our topic for today is planets of the solar system. The eight planets in their increasing order of distance from the sun are mercury, venus earth, mass jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune. They revolve around the sun in definite orbits. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system, as mercury is nearest to the […]

TRAPPIST-1, Earth, Exoplanet, NASA, Star, Atmosphere, Solar System, Terrestrial planet Using the Sun to Image Alien Planets

. We have children just like you on Mars. Human beings have contemplated whether life exists beyond Earth for thousands of years. Ancient one of Mars. I call upon you. It’s thought that there’s a possibility that simple microbial life might exist within our solar system, but not advanced, complex life. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t […]