Software as a service, Management Cloud and AI: The new recipe for a technological revolution

Health fund. Well, angela, is an ai professional specialized in ethics. Explainability diversity and inclusion in ai and a recipient of top 10 analytic leaders 2020 from the institute of analytics professional australia. She also sits on the founding editorial board of uh springers, new and timely ai and ethics journal. Thank you so much […]

Software as a service, Management your SaaS in Freshservice

We will be taking you through the major challenges that we see with sas adoption and how fresh service is tackling this with its sas management solution. So lets begin with acknowledging the fact that sas is the future thats. Quite a bold and a broad statement to make about sas adoption, but we do […]

Software as a service, Management Digitaler Zwilling: IoT Services – Theoretische Erklärung | Folge #4

Speziellen die ich dann eher auf den service. Der sat 1 zunchst mchte ich sie mit unserer. It architektur vertraut machen, im vorherigen video ging es um das, reale objekt welches die sensordaten, erfasst und dann, an den zloty service endet in diesem video mchte, ich nun, auf, die cloud services, zu sprechen, kommen hier, […]