Societal collapse, Society, Civilization How the Fall of Rome Transformed the Mediterranean DOCUMENTARY

No matter if the era after it should or shouldnt be called the Dark Ages. In this video, we will not discuss the merits of the title Dark Ages, but will try to look at the changes brought by the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the Mediterranean. Sponsors are crucial for our work, […]

Societal collapse, Society, Civilization New study confirms we're right on time for a complete societal collapse

In 1972, scientists from the massachusetts institute of technology made a bold prediction by developing a scientific model that considered the way that humans and the planet interact with each other. The researchers determined that society was heading toward collapse by the mid 21st century, driven largely by the forces of growing population and capital […]

Societal collapse, Society, Civilization IS COLLAPSING: Prepare For OFF-GRID Living!

I speak to bradley garrett, who explains to me beautifully some of the components of being a doomsday prepper survivalists. What are our assumptions about them? Should you be preparing for the breakdown of society? Is it closer than we think with the all prevailing pandemic, with the treachery deceptions lies and peculiarity? Should we […]

Societal collapse, Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bo Burnham's Inside – A Philosopher Reacts

While most of us have spent the past year or so learning how to make bread or developing adult onset agoraphobia bo burnham was writing filming, editing and performing in a comedy special that makes his stand up. Sketches and songs show off and while we found plenty to overanalyze in burnham’s past work, we […]

Societal collapse, Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 街道城管拥有刑法权,SLP是庞氏骗局!AXIE会卖到20万一只,拿好AXS随时都能卖,明天喷射,原因很简单!

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Societal collapse, Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology "They're Coming For All Of Us, PAY ATTENTION!" | Edward Snowden (2021)

Uh was a felony, and the penalty was, i think, five or ten years per violation and they had committed this crime billions and billions and billions of times so law passes and wipes away all the criminality and says it’s. Okay now and the reason this is passed in the face of a scandal, […]