Smite, Gilgamesh, Tiamat yr, Esto es buena presión – Warchi – Smite Duel Abecedario S7.5

Lo ir a bluestone ya, sabis que implica perder el late cien por cien entonces vamos, a ir con todo me subo dos veces, el 1 incluso para hacer, ms dao, a l y en ley, pues nos iramos al as que nada, vamos, a hacer, el bufn, no Cambia de estancia porque quiero mantenerla, […]

Smite, Gilgamesh, Tiamat MITE Season 8.3 PATCH NOTES – Talons of Tyranny + Tier 5 Chaac skin + Item Reworks + Buffs + Nerfs

3 update talents of tyranny. Coming out on march 23rd, we have two item: reworks, a sobek remodel, two new events and a brand new battle pass. So there’s a lot to go over in today’s patch notes. If you are new to the channel, i upload smart videos every single day and if that […]

Smite, Gilgamesh, Tiamat 9 Years of SMITE: Celebrating Every God!

The light leads me to the dead let’s. Take them head on you, go first Music drink and be married. Night spreads across the land time to go to work Music. I sense a disturbance in weed something smells fishy. Oh i i think it’s me Music. The world awaits my magnificence. Clearly, the people […]

Smite, Tiamat, Player Loki, but with 100% CDR – Will It Loki?

Well, uh. Welcome guys back to another to the series. Uh will loc. What will it work loki for those who don’t understand what willa loki it basically uh. I just come up with some really off brand, build that may or may not work. It definitely won’t work but it’s, you know still fun, […]

Smite, Tiamat, Player Novatos no SMITE são LIXO?

E tal e eu preferi o leque Eu discordo e, a ttica de forma debaixo da Torre ela acontece por um motivo ou, voc, no conseguir, trocar, porrada com, cara se, voc, no t, conseguindo, trocar, porrada com, cara, ficar, ditando, meninos e ao, mesmo tempo trocando com, raiva Com o cara, no importa, se […]

Smite, Tiamat, Player MITE – God Reveal – Tiamat, Goddess of the Salt Sea

God reveal for tiabot goddess of the salt seed. Music tiamat is the first, the begetter of all life, the mother of creation, when the heavens did not yet exist, nor the earth below she was there for eons. She coiled silent and sleeping in the cosmic abyss until she met epsom, the god of […]

Smite, Tiamat IAMAT es Revelada, Eventos y Ganadores SORTEO 🤩 NOTICIAS DE SMITE

Que tenemos muchsimos esta semana por ejemplo el da de hoy, se est festejando el da de la marmota, con el avatar de la marmota, consiguiendo las dos primeras victorias del da adems todo este mes, va a estar disponible el avatar de igualdad en referencia, a la historia Afroamericana es un avatar que lo […]


2 como todos saben ser te ama la diosa del mar salado este personaje estar disponible El da 23 de febrero para enfrentarse, a todos los dioses desvn, as que les recomiendo este vdeo para saber cmo utilizar, a este personaje vamos, a comenzar hablando primero que nada de su pasiva que se llama muerte […]


Three and flying stance. Talk to me about grounding dive, clumsy yep, so grounding dive is a movement ability and a mechanism to go in switching between stances. So tiamat goes between flying stance and ground stance grounding dive. All it really does is actually transition to her with a leap dealing damage when she […]