Apple, HomePod, Smart speaker OMEPOD Mini Review 2021 | is it really worth it

Some bits first, so the feel of this speaker, it’s, quite weighty, it’s, got a bit of weight to it. However, it does have a small little thing there. Sometimes, if you just knock it, it could roll, but the quality with this little mesh around. It is really nice. Now i have two of […]

Apple, HomePod, Smart speaker Best smart speakers 2021 / Homepod mini /Echo dot 4th gen / sonos one!!

The best smart speakers for 2021 are among the most versatile devices available. Why? Because they allow us to monitor our smart home devices, listen to music and have voice assistants that can answer our most basic obvious or confusing questions these ai virtual assistants. You control with your voice, which includes siri alexa and […]

Apple, HomePod, Smart speaker Minha avaliação sobre o HomePod Apple…. vale a pena?

No me interessei tanto porque eu j, tinha adquirido, a Arroz tradicional Ao qual particulamente eu estou apaixonado por essa caixa essa caixinha ela uma caixa e inteligente que utiliza assistente pessoal Siri de maneira independente do telefone o Voc, pode ter uma, conexo, wi, fi com, ela voc. Se conecta o wi fi e […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 Real World REVIEW – This is creepy… | The Tech Chap

Had this, the uh well come on face to front the new echo show 10 for a couple of weeks now and as much as i really do like this, i must admit at the start. I did feel a little bit uneasy as it kept following me around. Then again, i think we all […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 | Setup, Tour & Review | Best Smart Display 2021

Of course, the equal shore 10. Certainly ain’t cheap it’ll cost you the same, only random price of 228 pounds when it hits blighty this thursday, but it is also a really clever bugger and a strong rival to google’s nest hub max. So what i’m going to do now is walk you through the […]

Smart speaker, Amazon Echo Show, 10 review: Smart displays are on the move

Next level creepy let’s find out today we’re going to talk about how the echo 10 stacks up when it comes to smarts, sound cameras and whether or not that creepy following you thing works or not. First let’s talk about, looks design, wise it’s, fine. It looks like an echo show smart display, slapped […]