Netflix, Shuffle play, 2021 Wed. 01/20 – A16Z To Get Into The Media Business?

Anthony lewandowski gets a pardon and jack ma resurfaces. Netflix is about to start printing money and they’re about to give you a shuffle play button and why ben thompson thinks intel is even more in trouble than everybody thinks here’s. What you missed today in the world of tech Music is andreessen horowitz about […]

Netflix, Shuffle play, 2021 Loop Matinal – Quinta-feira, 21/1/2021

Do Sucesso do jogo n pessoal t botando em massa e desde, a segunda metade do ano passado a gente tem que melhorar servidor melhor rentabilidade tambm corrigir, bugs e ficou para depois, o lanamento do mapa novo que obrigar chega para prometido, agora, para Janeiro, ele s, no Falaram quando que esse mapa, novo […]

Netflix, Shuffle play, 2021 I Never Expected This To Happen

Even here yet then uh msi doesn’t know how to make good looking motherboards and porsha decides that it’s time to make things a little cheaper, let’s get into that after we talk about today’s video sponsor the chirp wheel is something that i use daily for stretching my Back and making sure that my […]