Semiconductor Long-term Investment Opportunities In Semiconductors | Money Mind | Semis

One such mega trend is working and learning from home. That’S created tremendous demand for uh connectivity and conferencing solutions for all of us and that’s driven demand, both in the cloud for these solutions that are allowing us to collaborate as well as end devices where pcs and tablets had the strongest growth year. […]

Semiconductor MIC, Explained: China’s Semiconductor Crown Jewel

Race, founded by the intensely driven richard chang smic, ruthlessly hired from its taiwanese rivals out competed its chinese ones and quickly established itself as the top dog in china’s semiconductor space. In this video let’s, look at smic, china’s, fiercest semiconductor, foundry player and the industries crown jewel. But first i want to take […]

Semiconductor Why a semiconductor shortage may cause a national security risk

Nzs capital co, founder brad slingerland joins us now, brad first on qualcomm it’s an interesting quarter because their chipset business we’re talking snapdragon we’re talking 5g their own technology that they build into chips. Outperformed did quite well it’s just that in the smartphone chip business overall. The past three months, the next three […]