Quantum computing, Public-key cryptography, Computing, Quantum mechanics, Research, Encryption SEMICONDUCTOR SUSTAINABITY – Prof. Jo Shien Ng, University of Sheffield – The Agenda

So you have all these families up and down the country across the world, actually suddenly needing more computing equipment all at the same time. But then you also have the other general increase in demand. So, for example, you have this mobile communication, so theres an upgrade to 5g in terms of infrastructures and […]

Quantum computing, Public-key cryptography, Computing, Quantum mechanics, Research, Encryption News 8 31 2021

Only market and theyve got 400 000 compromised machines inside companies ive heard about this before, but they have their browser cookies, their logins and fingerprints for impersonation they say, but its got saved cookies and saved credentials. So i think you could um log into services like slack and such and then imitate people. […]

Quantum computing, Public-key cryptography, Computing, Quantum mechanics, Research, Encryption Might Become One Of The Greatest Stocks In History 🚀🔥

Thank you very much for watching this video and welcome to ipo market watch. The channel that covers every single ipo initial public, offering plus some specs direct, listens, plus extra stocks and plus cryptos. We cover everything but guaranteed every ipo, so guys if you want, if youre new – and you want to […]

Quantum computing, Computing, Quantum mechanics, Qubit, Research Teleportation Tutorial with OpenQASM on IBM Quantum Experience

What quantum teleportation actually is the steps to teleport quantum information and actually show you how to write this using open chasm, which is quantum assembly language, so make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if youre new here for more content on quantum tech and coding, Quantum teleportation is a critical concept […]

Quantum computing, Computing, Quantum mechanics, Qubit, Research The Quantum Computing Race Is Heating Up As The Chinese Surpass Google

The term quantum computer is misleading because it sounds like a computer and when we say computer, some think of a mobile device or a laptop. The fact is all computers, mobile devices, laptops and even super computers, work on the same rules, but a quantum computer is completely different from these basic rules. Its […]

Quantum computing, Computing, Quantum mechanics, Qubit, Research Project with IBM Qiskit | Part 7: Single Qubit Gates 1 | Jay Shah

What are these, what are what are these gates and what they do? What is the mathematics behind them? What are the basic states? What is direct notations? All of that in this video, so let me just clear this first, so let me go to the biscuit documentation, so this is the textbook of […]

Quantum computing, Computing, Qubit Project with IBM Qiskit | Part 6: User Buttons | Jay Shah

So i the most exciting part, i guess so before we start coding the buttons in the button frame, its good for us to you know, have a look at all these buttons. What do they mean? So, if you can see here in this button frame, we have a lot of buttons and we […]

Quantum computing, Computing, Qubit What If You Could See Qubits! – Elliot Evans

I did undergrad research in quantum computing um, more specifically in quantum walks and im really into math and science, education and interaction and so thats. Why im here? Because i made a project that aims to make um uh quantum education a bit more accessible, um and well get into that and im from […]

Quantum computing, Computing, Qubit Every Major Quantum Computing Breakthroughs in 2021 So Far

. Our first amazing discovery comes from the division of physics at the university of tsukuba japan, which carried out a quantum effect known as spin locking. The purpose of this project was to improve resolution when carrying out radio frequency imaging of nitrogen vacancy defects in diamonds. The objective of the project was to […]

Time crystal, Google, Quantum mechanics, Quantum computing, Computing, State of matter : Humanity's Quantum Leap?

So if youre new here do consider, subscribing and hit the bell icon so that you get notified first thing when i upload new content, quantum computing is one of humanitys biggest leap in not only tech, but also in the field of science, as well, specifically quantum physics. So you could say that quantum […]