Programming language, Python Gui Clock With Python and Tkinker #python #gui

So today we are going to create a simple gui clock using python. Now those of you who dont know what gui is gui is basically a graphical user interference. Now, a graphical user interference is something which has some graphics so like apps, like vs code or chrome, all have some graphics. They do […]

Programming language, Python 06 – PATTERN PROGRAMS IN PYTHON PROGRAMMING

So today pattern is so. This is our pattern today, so we just want to write the logic for this pattern, so stars right. So this is how we can we have to print, and obviously there are five rows so first, the outer for loop is for representing the row so for i, in […]

Programming language, Python Should you use "not not x" instead of "bool(x)" in Python?

So i actually had a viewer comment and ask james: could you cover why this not not x thing is faster than boolex and when i first read this comment, i thought to myself theres no way right, i mean theyre computing. The same thing not not x is just going to call the you […]

Python, Programming language Introduction to Python programing || Python Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Python in 2021 | Lesson 1

Thank you so much for coming back for another video in this session, we’ll be looking at the introduction to python programming. Python is one of the most used programming languages of india and it is basically used web development. Mobile programming, ai and so many other platform that has been used. A python program […]

Python, Programming language The Magic Of Python

Now the point of this video is not to give you a full tutorial on all the stuff that i’m showing you, but just to expose you to what you can do when you really do have a mastery or kind of expert level understanding of a language. Now i don’t claim to be a […]

Python, Programming language Yes Python Is My Favourite Programming Language

For example, in my live streams, i’ve got a little script to actually open up a playlist and start playing that music on the stream. I could do that in something else, but why bother but i’m also not up for the task of bashing my head against the wall, because i want everything to […]