Pokémon GO, Roselia, Roserade, Niantic, Pokémon, Budew SHINY ROSELIA & BUDEW COMMUNITY DAY! Pokémon GO

Thank you guys for watching. If you would like, i swear, i hadn’t checked that one before this uh it’s rosalie comedy and there you go it’s, not gon na, be too hard to find yourself a shiny rosalia. My mission for today, though, is we’re gon na be more around walking and egg. Hatching […]

Pokémon GO, Sneasel, Pokémon, Ice, Research, Dark, Niantic, Weavile w *Shiny*Sneasel Limited Research Day Revealed! All tasks, rewards, Weavile breakdown Pokémon GO

Tell us what you know tell us all your findings. Well, i haven’t learned much to say the least. I already told you sneezel is a beast: hey don’t, bring it my way about time. Sneezing got his own day. You might wan na back back, you might get hit with dark or ice attacks […]

Pokémon GO, Sneasel, Pokémon, Niantic, Research, Dark, Ice dow Snover.. The Ultimate Troll. (Sinnoh Collection Challenge) – Pokemon Go

This is a cinno one, instead of the unova one that we had last week. This is gon na be a thing now. You know this new feature uh, but this one seems to have a bit of a twist for the sinnoh collection challenge. You have to catch, obviously a bunch of sinnoh pokemon, […]

Pokémon GO, Sneasel, Pokémon, Niantic, Research, Dark, Ice LOVE CUP META SIMPLIFIED! | Go Battle League Cup | Pokemon GO PvP

The february met up for the silver arena and we are already back in for another infographic video, this time, we’re going to be looking at the gbl cup. The love cup now the last cup is going to be coming to jbl from february 8th to february 15th, and this is going to be […]

Pokémon GO, Sneasel, Pokémon, Niantic, Dark *NEW* Ultra League + Premier Cup Meta in Pokémon GO Battle League! Season 6

I believe or might be 7, but you guys know when leagues rotate here on monday, we are having ultra league and ultra league premier cup, come back now because of xl candy and the ability to have caught a lot of these pokemon. We are gon na see meta shifts here, um in both […]

Pokémon GO, Sneasel, Pokémon, Niantic, Dark RAID LARVITAR & GIORNATA DEDICATA A SNEASEL – Pokémon GO ITA

I cuori con il mio compagno venus aurico infatti qua scusatemi per il dietro vedete anche; l, a cartaccia del vendone, ormai ragazzo era; il mio pranzo vabb fa, nulla l, dietro, guardate, ma guardate qui sotto abbiamo, smer, gol, ragazzi smear gol, ho trovato quindi, usciamo, vediamo, un’altra, Eccolo qua eccolo qua ragazzi smigol […]

Pokémon GO, Sneasel, Pokémon, Niantic, Dark hiny Sneasel Task Day in Pokemon GO // Shiny Legacy Ho-Oh returns // GO Battle League Love Cup

I want to show up in a home work with out you Dinh. We Heart It Again to tease people that date today, i think you take place on average is from in dementia local time in Japan in test avunculus Need For Speed. While the will you have advantages, grandma’s test unit into the […]


No le tiene miedo al xito, venga y detrs se va a estar enfrentando. Lo que son el metal que puedes aqu su poquito las pero, no importa ste de una vez por todas intenta conectar. Lo que es el cuerpo pesado vamos, a ver qu se puede conseguir simplemente, no lo termine debilitar y […]

Pokémon GO, Phanpy, Pokémon Johto Event Pokemon Go and Mareep Recap!

Um feedback sobre, o iphan deste fim de semana passado, a onda Mrio que foi, o Pokmon estrela e vamos ter que ir mais alguns bnus, no vdeo tambm; no, no quero deixar de lembrar que continuamos numa poca muito difcil, o restante quer, dar o meu maior; brao Virtual, a todos vocs e que […]

Pokémon GO, Phanpy, Pokémon Tremendo evento de Pokémon go phanpy y su hora destacada enero 2021. y consíguele un hogar | djkire

Dicen que estoy muy negativo ltimamente t sabes que ni antich, se ha mandado pero los tremendos eventos de entonces me dicen que estoy muy negativo si los nios pokemon esos. Que nos ven, otra cosa que no sea de porque pongo sus puntos porque mongol para ellos, solamente, existe, porque, pongo claro que s […]