Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic, Articuno, Raid, Moltres, Zapdos Shiny Articuno-Moltres-Zapdos Kanto Legendary Raid Day – Join Me

I think we are live. Can you hear me nice? I think we are live. Okay, guys, hello! Welcome back to another awesome, uh sunny hunting in pokemon go, and i will try for the sunny birds. I’Ll, try to trick the game and do like 10 raids on every account or let’s see, but […]


Ms empecemos con los combates del da de hoy y arrancamos con los combates del da de hoy en esta primera oportunidad donde, a nuestro artculo lo acompaaremos junto unbox de a lola y malo wat tambin, a lola mencionar que mi artculo nicamente tiene un solo ataque cargado Que vendra a ser viento, hielo […]

Pokémon GO, Articuno ¡COMPLETANDO INVESTIGACIÓN Team GO Rocket! Capturo ARTICUNO SHINY y más en Pokémon GO! [Keibron]

Lo menos los gratuitos y adems tenemos una investigacin. Especial del team go rocket: donde podremos, conseguir, un sper radar rocket; para podernos enfrentar, a giovanni de nuevo y conseguir, un artculo oscuro adems de todo esto durante estas tres horas podemos quitar la frustracin de nuestros, pokmon oscuros. Lo mejor que hay en todo […]


The kanto region – and you guys can see that in the distance over there there is a 5 minutes and 50 seconds atikunu over there to respawn, and you know articuno being a flying and ice type pokemon, it is double weak to rock. It is actually really double weak to rock in such […]

Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic Level 50 in Alaska for Pokemon GO // All my Medals & Pokémon Showcase

, so let’s get it all. I really wanted. Was that jacket to be honest, didn’t want to be first just wanted to get there honestly. This was very tedious. Um, specifically the 999 excellent throws. I was asking you guys on twitter, like how are you doing this in like a day? This is […]

Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic APROVEITE: 8 passes grátis, Remover FRUSTRAÇÃO e Pesquisa do Giovanni no novo evento! | Pokémon GO

A pesquisa n Pesquisa especial da equipe rocket que leva a gente at conseguiu superar o rocket para enfrentar, o Giovani tudo mais ela confirmou essas duas coisas que a gente vai ter em breve, o mais assim meio bizarro falou que durante esse perodo eu t te falando Falou exatamente Quando vai comear, mas, […]

Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic EVERYTHING You Need to Know about KANTO TOUR in Pokémon GO!

I just want to remind you that i will be live for the second half of the kanto tour over on twitch twitch come through i’m gon na film, a video for the first half and then for the second half i’ll go live on twitch. So if you want to hang out come through […]

Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic, Raid Unbelievable One LVL 50 Shadow Machamp Solos Umbreon Raids in Pokemon GO // The Power of Shadow

This was just spur of the moment. I was out doing the left disc uh hour, trying to get my excellent throws in because they’re fairly simple to do that and uh in my normal cluster spawn it was there. It had about 38 minutes left. I decided to go ahead and take it out […]

Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic, Raid URGENTE: Passe de RAID e INCESOS GRATIS no Pokemon Go!

Direitinho o que voc precisa fazer beleza mas o principal se, inscreve nesse canal para, voc, ficar, ligado, em, novidades, olha s, hoje eu vou te dar uma, novidade, vou te, dar uma dica de como aproveitar melhor os itens que esto eu cuido sair no carnaval do Pokmon. Go que acabou de comear Ento […]

Pokémon GO, Pokémon, Niantic, Raid *SHADOW LUGIA* in Pokemon GO? // TM Frustration Event // FREE Raid passes & Legendary Birds Day

You know how we all love these events, so this is going to be taking place for three hours starting february 28th. At 11 a.m, until sunday february 28th at 2 p.m. Local time so make sure you mark your calendars and get ready and you will be seeing an increased amount of team go […]