Quantum computing, Computing, Harvard University, Qubit, Physics, Atom : Working in Industry or Academia?

Both are really different. Now i’ve worked in two quantum computing startups and i’ve also done undergrad research and graduate school research and i’ve also worked in a bunch of startups outside of the quantum space in general. So i know a little bit about how startup and industries operate now. Obviously, i’m a little […]

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It turns out that the biggest problem in quantum computing today is that the qubits are very error prone, and so what we’re trying to do is we’re, giving our qubits intrinsic inherent error protection, qm’s. Quantum orchestration platform is our main tool when we’re doing air correction on qubits we’re, using it to measure […]

Quantum computing, Qubit, Physics, Quantum mechanics The promise of quantum computers | Matt Langione

What we do know is that super computing will have to be part of the solution for nearly a hundred years. Our reliance on high performance computers, in the face of our most urgent challenges, has grown and grown from cracking nazi codes to sequencing. The human genome. Computer processors have risen to meet increasingly […]

Quantum computing, Qubit, Physics, Quantum mechanics Everything a Qubit Can Teach You About Quantum Physics

. When we speak, we combine more than 20 letters to express ideas, but a computer only needs two.. You can call them whatever you want up and down black and white dead and alive or for practical reasons, zero and one.. The Bit. And bits are not something abstract. We can realize them in […]

Five-dimensional space, Dark matter, The 5th Dimension, Particle, Dimension, Physics IFTH DIMENSION? Theory abounds to warped extra dimensions and hypothetical portals

If you ever wanted to feel like you were incredibly stupid. Um just go read any sort of intellectual scholarly article about quantum mechanics and your brain will likely explode and you will want to crawl into a fetus in a corner and just cry for the rest of the evening. That’S. How i felt, […]

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Quantum computers, if they ever get started, will help us solve problems like modeling, complex chemical processes that our existing computers, can’t even scratch, the surface of, but the quantum future isn’t going to come easily and there’s. No, knowing what it’ll look like when it does arrive at the moment, companies and researchers are […]

Quantum mechanics, System, Computing, Physics, Qubit Math Skills You Need for Quantum Computing

Here in this video i’m going to break down the minimum that you need to get started with quantum computing and give you all the resources, you need to get that math background now, i’m, not going to teach you here how much math you need to become a Quantum algorithms researcher to invent a […]

Quantum mechanics, System, Computing, Physics, Qubit : A Game-Changer for Modern Cryptography

Um this problem is called quantum computing, so uh. Anyone watch uh ant man and the wasp that’s, where this uh this image comes from um, so the quantum realm right um, if you ever spend some time and try to understand quantum mechanics quantum physics, uh you’re gon na – have a really bad […]