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Now, my dear friends, today i’m here to give you a basic idea, small idea, about a very good service from amazon known as f3. You might have gone through the previous videos about basic introduction about aws cloud. What is ec2 and what is ebs and what is amazon machine image? I hope that […], Online shopping, Amazon Web Services How Big Is Amazon?

If you haven’t we’ve got you covered today, we’ll tell you all about amazon and how big it is. Stay tuned and don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos. Let’S start more than a decade ago. The idea of browsing online for almost anything that you wanted […], Online shopping, Amazon Web Services Meet The New CEO Of Amazon

The second quarter just came to an end and andy. Jassy just became the new leader of amazon, but who even is andy? Jazzy and how did he become bezos top choice? Taking a look back andrew jazzy was born on january 13, 1968 in scarsdale, new york, andy’s childhood wasn’t lavish or opulent per […]