Television set, LG, Liquid-crystal display, OLED S 300 UST Projector

It is my first ultra short throw projector, but i also have to blame epson for poor documentation. I really know videos on how to adjust the screen. I had to figure it out on my own also. I had to move my screen several times in order to get everything straightened out and figured […]

Television set, LG, Liquid-crystal display, OLED SHARP TV LC 70LE7500U WONT TUNS ON BAD LCD SCREEN FIX

Music, no leds. The backlight is off Music, so it’s a common issue in this one is the one of the cough on the side. It goes bad so to start checking it we’re gon na disconnect one of the these flex cables here, Music, so one for a half screen and the other one […]

Television set, LG, Liquid-crystal display, OLED Samsung vs. LG: Who's making the best TVs? |삼성 vs LG: 최고의 TV 만드는 회사는?

The series of seemingly impenetrable acronyms often leaves us perplexed, because some are real technologies and others are just the brand names made up by tv makers to better clarify let’s, see how these different types of tv actually fit together. Lcd is a good starting point because it is the most commonly used panel […]