InSight, Mars, NASA, Observation ESFELS2021: Mark Panning

This is the the full list of authors, which is really just the the proposal team right here, this so uh. You can see on the list to hear it theres a lot of uh a lot of seismologists on this list, um and uh um, and also some some some great technical people that […]

InSight, Mars, NASA, Observation The Two Asteroids That Shouldn’t Be There

, The eight planets and their dozens of moons trace out orbits that have remained basically the same for billions of years. But astronomers. Believe things were not always. This calm. Models suggest that, as the solar system formed four and a half billion years ago, objects movements were way more erratic., Unfortunately proving that […]

InSight, Mars, NASA, Observation ucture Finally Revealed After Years of Analysis

But, first of all, this probe right here originally when the inside pro was launched. I personally wasnt really sure how this mission is going to go. For example, i knew back then that there is not going to be a lot of public interest in this mission, because its not going to be producing […]

Scientist, Space, Observation Good News – Space Nuts 259 Part 1 | Astronomy & Space Science News Podcast

How are you doing still here? Still at large well actually um, rather than a rather than a ta da. I can do this Laughter, something different now uh, coming up in this episode, we are going to um announce a little bit of good news, uh, something that might have slipped under the radar. […]

Scientist, Space, Observation The Age of the Universe

When people think about universe, they usually have two questions: how big is it and how old it turns out that the second of these questions can be answered, rather precisely if you want to know why our universe is about 14 billion years old. This is the rise place and time to be a […]

Scientist, Space, Observation Tabby’s Star : The Mystery Of The Alien Megastructure Has Been Solved?

Alien megastructures have been a Centre of attraction of many scientists and amateur astronomers.. One such major attraction was Tabbys star. It’s. Bizarre dimming, in light event, has been a subject of extensive observations. Informally known as star KIC 8462852 Tabby’s Star has been a subject of curiosity and research in astronomical world for quite […]

Scientist, Space, Astronomy, Observation NASA's Earth System Observatory

Music. The next generation of earth science begins with the new earth system observatory. The core of the observatory is an array of five new satellite missions that will study the atmosphere, the ground and even what’s happening. Underneath the surface. These spacecraft will look at the earth each one of them their own way […]

Scientist, Space, Astronomy, Observation Dark Energy Survey results and how it may prove Einstein wrong

Yet people actually have no idea what it really is. So recently there has been a very precise map of the dark matter in the universe and to talk about this. Today, we’ve got eleanor. She is a recent nyu graduate and she’s going to tell us a little bit about these new results, so […]

Scientist, Space, Astronomy, Observation Why Did the FBI Raid This Solar Observatory? | NASA's Unexplained Files

, Their target, not a terrorist training camp, not a drug cartel.. This special SWAT team is about to raid an astronomical observatory. The Sunspot Solar Observatory used by NASA to understand and keep watch on the sun., HAKEEM OLUSEYI, There’s, Blackhawk helicopters and FBI agents swarming all over the place. NARRATOR Government agents shut […]