Apple, NFL Sunday Ticket Why Willie Green may be the perfect fit as the Pelicans next head coach

You know uh yeah. He look first of all he’s a great interview. I mean if you’re the beautiful i mean he just spits it. You know, and so i think you know that that his he would he was critical of players, and you know he didn’t have a roster. You know the young […]


Hopefully you guys are having a great day today, i’m gon na give you guys five seconds to drop a like for all the beautiful Music. Ladies and gentlemen, bowl gang member of the day goes to my boy. Super he says: 2k is literally at the make or break for his franchise. 2K 22 […]

Apple, NFL Sunday Ticket KSAT 12 News Nightbeat : Jul 02, 2021

One san antonio man now suing that officer and they say it’s not about the money, correction, accountability. The financial recompense is is secondary to the idea that this police officer has not been charged. Not anything has happened to him and accountability for other officers who he says failed to step in they didn’t […]

NFL Sunday Ticket, Apple Why Trey Lance Might Not Start This Season For The San Francisco 49ers | NFL

I am back to you guys with another video treylands. I think that there is a very strong chance that trey lance doesn’t start a game at quarterback this year for the san francisco 49ers. I know that’s going to upset a lot of san francisco 49ers fans out there. I know a lot of […]

NFL Sunday Ticket, Apple Professional's Guide to Football Betting | NFL Betting Tips from Teddy Covers and Kelly Stewart

com today we’re going to go over teddy’s favorite nfl betting tips for the 2021 season teddy. Before we get started, please tell the people what to expect when purchasing your nfl season win report. Sure i mean the season win. Report comes in two parts, part one is out and available right now it […]

NFL Sunday Ticket, Apple Getting my 1000th Fortnite Win!

000.. Now i don’t even know anyone that’s gotten. A thousand solo wins on a single account before so i don’t know what’s gon na happen when we hit it. Will epic give us some kind of incredible achievement. Will we get a special golden umbrella? Honestly, i can’t wait to find out, but before […]