Earth, Moon, Earth’s orbit, Natural satellite The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter — Over 11 Years of Science From the Moon

I’m. The Project Scientist for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, a mission that we’ve had orbiting the Moon now for over 11 years. I’m, going to talk to you today about our data. What we’ve learned about the moon and why the moon remains a compelling target for human and robotic exploration., But I’m doing so […]

Earth, Moon, Earth’s orbit, Natural satellite The Solar System, Stars and the Solar system Class 8 part 2

So before we start do not forget to leave a like and subscribe students, the sun and the celestial bodies that revolve around it form the solar system. In this large system, many objects are there like planets moon, comets, meteor, meteorites asteroids. All these things are present. All these objects are held together in […]

Earth, Moon, Earth’s orbit, Natural satellite What Lies in the Moon's Permanently Shadowed Craters?

. Here is a lunar landscape in the south pole, but it’s taken a month for us to be able to put it together and what we’ve done is shown the total month lighting conditions in the south pole.. What we see are regions that are permanently shadowed now. These regions, of course, are impact […]