Here is the market going to crash and what you can do about it? There are active steps that traders and investors can take in order to protect themselves as much as possible. Obviously there isn’t a foolproof strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit on your hands and wait. So you […]

Stock, Nasdaq eed To Panic… YET! [Nasdaq, SP500, TSLA, AMC, Bitcoin, Stock Market]

We’Ll also be talking about our technical analysis levels for the s: p, 500, nasdaq, bitcoin, gold, apple, tesla, amc and more, as we said, yesterday, was a little bit scary, but was it just a normal pullback in the bigger upwards trend? It certainly seems so, but there’s a lot to unpack stay tuned. […]

Stock, Nasdaq Buy Now or Sell The Stock Market This Week? This Is The Time! [Nasdaq, DOW, TSLA, SP500, BITCOIN]

Well, here begins our recap of the markets for last week’s close and, of course, our look ahead and straight away. Banks were in focus on the friday, close, take a look at jp, morgan, bank of america, etc. They were up incredibly heavily. This led to the iwm or russell 2000 moving up 2.11 […]

Stock market, Stock, Apple, Nasdaq $AAPL stock market breakdown after hours

Today is july, 6th, tuesday. Welcome back to the markets. I hope everyone had a great fourth of july weekend. Uh the stock that we’re going to be talking about is apple. Okay. Last night i put a video out, and i said you know that 140 area is going to be a huge psychological […]

Stock market, Stock, Apple, Nasdaq PL Stock $500M DARK POOLS!

Usually, this channel is based more around long term investing um later on next week. I do plan to do a deep dive on wish, as well as a deep dive on oatly, so make sure you hit the subscribe button and that notification bell, so you can stay up to date with those. But […]

Stock market, Stock, Apple, Nasdaq Big Traders Are Buying This? [Nasdaq, SP500, TSLA, AMC, BITCOIN, Stock Market]

Moving forward, we’ll also be talking as a community together for our technical analysis levels for the nasdaq s. P. 500, gold, bitcoin, tesla, amc and others, while memestonks did not do well. Yesterday, the fed did say some important things. The question is: have they done enough to give us a great july, or […]

Apple, NASDAQ:AAPL, Carter Worth, Options Action, NASDAQ uld You Buy Spotify Stock in 2021? (SPOT)

Should you buy this stock in 2021? So i hope you guys enjoy it and if you get anything in value, hit the like button, because it really really helps me out. If you have any questions or concerns, go ahead and ask them in the comments. And if you guys want to learn more […]