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11. 10. 9. 8. Ignition sequence start five. Four, three, two one zero launch commit liftoff. We have liftoff with apollo 14 three minutes past the hour.

Moon, Alan Shepard, Apollo 14, NASA : ‘A Wild Place Up Here’

And the samples returned gave us that information. That was what Apollo 14 did. That was so trailblazing. Music. Well, we better back up here and think about this one Houston.. They continued to believe that this mission might never get started and Mission Control is pretty convinced it wouldn’t either., First attempt. Dock couldnt […]

NASA, Mars 2020, Nuclear power, Nuclear thermal rocket, Nuclear propulsion Curiosity's Trek Across Mars

Now known as perseverance. Now i was lucky enough to actually visit jpl twice and get to see uh, you know, perseverance getting built in the clean room. Obviously it was on the other side of a sheet of glass, but it was really cool to see this piece of piece of hardware. Getting ready […]

NASA, Mars 2020, Nuclear power, Nuclear thermal rocket, Nuclear propulsion X’s Engine Architect and Employee #1: Tom Mueller

, He had recently discovered that launching some plants on retired Soviet ICBM’s costs far more than he thought it should and Wanted to just build a private rocket company instead.. Of course this seems reasonable., So you joined the company as a founding member and take up the role of VP of propulsion.. 18 […]

NASA, Mars 2020, Nuclear power, Nuclear thermal rocket, Nuclear propulsion X Starship Number 9 Makes Perfect* Flight (*except for the landing which was a huge fireball)

This was starship sn9. It had been ready to go after sn8, crashed and burned, but had been held up by a combination of spacex’s, lean development process, engine problems and the faa approvals. But we’ll talk about that later. By now, you’ve probably heard the landing didn’t go as planned. This is what happened: […]

SpaceX, NASA, Universe The First Real Images Of Uranus – What Have We Discovered?

Even the boundaries of our solar system seem to be forever unreachable, but with the wonder of modern technology and construction, man has succeeded in sending space probes to the edge of our galaxy. We were rewarded with unique images of distant planets. If you like our videos, please support us with a thumbs up, […]

SpaceX, NASA, Universe Most Inspiring Quote by Elon Musk

So in this video i want to talk about one of the most powerful quote by elon musk when he was asked if he was confident that he would succeed at spacex when he started one of the journalists asked him hey when you started spacex. Did you believe that you would actually pull it […]

SpaceX, NASA, Universe Mars Colonization, Starship and the Moon Landings

It was the only event that united everyone to achieve something big, but the final crude mission to the moon was in 1972. Since then, people have lost interest in the idea of space traveling, but things are now starting to change. A colony on mars has been in the works ever since several probes, […]

International Space Station, NASA, Extravehicular activity, SpaceX, Astronaut 9 is Ready to Fly | SpaceX's Sea Launch Platform | Elon Musk Announces $100 Million Prize

On its second powered test, flight called launch demo 2.. The rocket left the ground beneath the wing of its boeing 747 carrier plane known as cosmic girl about an hour after liftoff. The 747 jumbo jet entered a steep climb of more than 25 degrees and the aircraft’s two pilots and two launch engineers […]

International Space Station, NASA, Extravehicular activity, SpaceX, Astronaut walk 69 & 70 Animation

The airlock, followed by ev2. Both crew translate to the four alpha integrated equipment assembly, where ev1 installs a scoop on the direct current switching unit and ev2 stows a tool bag onto the adapter plate. The crew work together to remove the adapter plate from slot 2 and bring it to slot 6. to […]