Mars 2020, Rover, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory wmarsnewes 12: NASA's Mars Perseverance rover Left Mastcam Sol 204 Week 31 12 / 18 / 2021

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Marte para estudiar la evolucin, geolgica temprana del planeta, gracias, a sus mltiples sensores e instrumentos de monitoreo se detectaron nuevos poderosos terremotos bien llamados, marte motors pues, el suelo, marciano se mueve, a pesar de que marte, no tiene placas tectnicas como puzzle en el planeta tierra dentro De los factores que producen los […]

Mars 2020, Rover, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory UEVAS IMÁGENES de piedra superficie DE MARTE con las ROCAS DE MARTE del Perseverance Rover

Explorando el robot rover percibirn se le ha llamado y estir, un nombre que proviene de la ciudad de gezira en bosnia y herzegovina, pues en algunas lenguas eslavas la palabra y estilo, significa lago fue en este antiguo lago donde el rover, percibirn se tom el 20 de Septiembre del ao 2021 esta autofoto […]

Mars, Volcanic eruption, Volcano, NASA, Arabia Terra Craters Caused by Thousands of Ancient Volcanic Super-Eruptions! Collapsed Calderas!

Now thousands of ancient super eruptions have been detected on mars according to geophysical research letters. This is on science alert now, if we think that mars is an inhospitable place, now were not wrong. It seems that the planets current state is relatively mild and quiet in comparison to its distant past. Roughly four […]

Mars, Volcanic eruption, Volcano, NASA, Arabia Terra Had Thousands of Massive Volcanic Eruptions That Changed Its Climate 4 Billion Years Ago

Nasa reveals nasa has found evidence that, roughly four billion years ago, an area on mars called arabia, terra experienced thousands of powerful and explosive volcanic eruptions that may have affected the martian climate. This confirms previous theories that mars was once a different place than what it looks like now. Nasa wrote that the […]

International Space Station, NASA, China Unstoppable China blasts 2 orbital launches in one day

The china, aerospace, science and technology corporation case successfully launched three communication technology test satellites atop the long march 2c yz 1s rocket from the duchenne satellite launch center in northwestern china. This was chinas 30th orbital launch of the year casc targets more than 40 space launches in 2021, the launch was carried out […]

International Space Station, NASA, China What The Next Space Station May Look Like

Liftoff of the Proton rocket and the Zarya control module.. The first segments of the International Space Station were launched in 1998. And since 2000 the ISS has continuously housed a rotating group of astronauts from 19 countries. At about 250 miles above the earth. The International Space Station occupies an area known as low […]

International Space Station, NASA, China s Huge Project to Beam Power From Space

A massive microwave emitter that will hang 23 000 miles up in the sky, heres, hoping that the giant microwave beam does not go off target and start frying miles of earths surface. Here are the details. The times reports that chinas government plans to launch a fleet of mile long solar panels into space […]

NASA, Mars 2020, Rover 5 Geheime Videos der NASA!

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NASA, Mars 2020, Rover Extrañas rocas nunca vistas en Marte – Perseverance

Mar de rocas que segn los cientficos nunca se haban visto en anteriores misiones de superficie, el lugar es parte de una cresta de unos 400 metros de largo llamada artur y que contiene afloramientos rocosos y cantos rodados la escala de un metro algunos, con intrigantes estratos las Imgenes que estamos viendo se han […]