Bitcoin, Ethereum, Motherboard ging BACK The 19 GPU MINING RIG!

I believe this is a aaa wave frame, and this was gifted to me by good old, igor schmidt, igor schmidt, if you’re watching this man. Thank you again for this 19 gpu mining frame. Some of you may have saw that video where i built a bunch of you, know sapphire nitros and as […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Motherboard g Bitcoin / Ethereum With RTX 3080 on Aorus 15G Laptop

Just no gpus anywhere and if you look on amazon everywhere, it’s like almost two grand to buy it, and this one actually cost me two grand. So why not just get a laptop with a gpu? Oh that’s, a nice case, nice that’s, the whole laptop that’s. It it’s so small it’s, tiny right […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Motherboard lding a CHEAP? $2500 ETHEREUM Mining Rig…

I recently got some 1660s from space goats. So i bought these off of him and together this whole rig in terms of pricing is around, i would say about 2500 usd, so my main goal is to see how long we can break even or get the return on initial investment on 2500 usd […]