MIUI, Xiaomi, Android 12.5 VS One UI 3.1 VS Stock Android Xiaomi VS Samsung

5 and stock android were going to talk about some of the differences in the user experience today. Hey guys, my name is mitchell im fluent in tech, so you dont need to be, and if you guys want to go ahead and ask me, questions twitter or the links down below is the best […]


No final de 2021 mas os desenvolvedores de temas da xiaomi criaram um tema que simula a nova central de controle da mil em 13 e funciona no seu xiaomi namewee 12 ou na Uai 12.5 deixa eu mostrar como que voc baixa e ativa esse novo recurso Olha Que bacana entra aqui na loja […]

MIUI, Xiaomi, Android 's New Desktop Mode For Android Pretty Cool!

This was actually launched recently with the miui 12.5 update for another device in their lineup, known as the me mix fold. But as soon as you side load that application on the me pad 5 or the me pad 5 pro, which we have in this video. It does work with this unit. They […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note, India, MIUI, MediaTek 12.5 By el0Xren™ For Redmi Note 9 Pro Note 9 Pro Max/Note9s and Poco M2 Miatol Best Miui Rom🔥🔥🔥

5 browser untuk, kali ini di device, khusus Wiro, ya, ini, ada di PS2, ini, Redmi, Note 6. Pro ini Bro lagi, MIUI 12.5 ini, hai, kenapa, gosip, Bro, karena ini, sepertinya member importirnya di cari, vendor devices, lain gitu dan di porting, ke supaya, bisa keinstall di vermont AS menjangkaunya Bro, sebenarnya, untuk, MIUI, […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note, India, MIUI, MediaTek Baru Lagi !!!! Xiaomi Redmi 10 || Harga Dan Spesifikasi Xiaomi Redmi 10

. Xiaomi Xiaomi, Redmi 10 Xiaomi IPS LCD 6.5, 1080, 2400, FHD, 90, 405ppi, 20, 9, Xiaomi Corning, Gorilla 3., Redmi, 10 SOC MediaTek, MediaTek, Hellio, G88, 12nm, Mali, G52, MC2 Redmi, 10, Hellio, G88, SOC., 464, 4128, 6128, Android, 11, MIUI, 12.5., Redmi 10 LED 50 f, 1.8 PDAF, 8, 2, 2, 1080p, 30fps., […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note, India, MIUI, MediaTek 10 Unboxing & First Impressions : New Budget KING??!! 👑

The Redmi 10s box comes in white with the Mi logo. On the top right, the visuals of the phone in the middle and Redmi 10 down below, Then you will find the color variant, RAM and storage specs at the side below the box. Opening the box cover. There will be a smaller white […]

India, Xiaomi Redmi Note, MIUI, MediaTek FALTAN? 😱 LISTA ACTUAL MIUI 12.5 PARA XIAOMI!!! 🔥

5 la actualizacin, el desarrollo, el proceso de todos, los equipos ya, faltan muy poquitos as que qudate vamos, a ver cules ya, estn actualizados pero antes de eso vamos, a poner los nombres de los solos Del da de hoy muchsimas gracias, a todos los que estn saliendo gracias, por dejar su presenta en […]

India, Xiaomi Redmi Note, MIUI, MediaTek Android 11 comes to Redmi Note 8 Pro – So what's NEW!?

Today we got an update for the redmi note 8 pro and its the 12.5.2. So lets just jump right into this update Music, hey whats, going on guys welcome back to the channel its your boy. Serrano today were going to be taking a look at the redmi note, 8 pro after about two […]

India, Xiaomi Redmi Note, MIUI, MediaTek 10 – Unboxing & Early Review!

So we can give you guys our honest thoughts and opinions on it, so without wasting any more time, lets jump right in so lets begin with the unboxing of the redmi 10.. The unboxing process is pretty standard from what we have seen from redmi. The version that we got is the four gigs […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note, 5G, MIUI, Mobile phone 10 5G REVIEW

The redmi note 10s is behind me, but this is what i’m going to be talking to you about in this video. The redmi note. 10. 5G. Yes, 5g in a redmi device, but it comes with some compromises. Let me tell you what i’m talking about here on emcon reviews Music now before i […]