Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Ignite TOP 3 STOCKS I'M BUYING IN THE 2021 MARKET CRASH (AAPL, AMZN, MSFT)

Now, whether you believe the current market is overbought or not, the fact of the matter is what goes up must come down anyway, i’m, going to go over their balance sheets, the current valuations and my possible entry levels. This is a must watch episode and, with that being said, let’s get started. Music, […]

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Ignite Apple Stock hit 160 tomorrow after earnings?

This thing is out of control, like buzz lightyear to infinity and beyond. Today, after closing bell, you had elon musk, come out and say game stonks. We obviously know when elon comes out. We saw his call this morning on etsy that thing jumped through the roof, but look at gamestop after hours on […]

Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Ignite APXT AvePoint the next big SPAC you should invest in? Massive upside SPAC merger!!!

This is going to be av point and uh. This back is going to be going through ap, xt and as of late november. In 2020, they announced the upcoming merger of the apex technology acquisition corp with a point which is a microsoft data solutions. Provider apxt, as i said, is a special purpose: […]