Discounts and allowances, Memorial Day Easy CVS Coupon Newbie Deals (5/30 – 6/1) | CVS Easy Couponing NO CRT's Needed | CVS Beginner Deals

If you are new to my channel, welcome, please consider hitting that like subscribe and notification bell, so you never miss an episode. So we are here at cbs i’m, going to show you coupon matchups for a 10 week, couponing budget, a 20 week, couponing budget and a 30 a week, couponing budget. Now, […]

Discounts and allowances, Memorial Day Fable Beard Co's Ice Cream Man Review And Memorial Day Savings!

Yes that’s right, it is freaky freaking friday, baby, we’re, back we’re, ready let’s do this. What we’re gon na talk about today is obviously gon na, be some really cool stuff, because it’s friday, that means it’s review day. What, oh, can you feel it Laughter all right guys so we’re gon na talk […]

Discounts and allowances, Memorial Day ption And Deceit: Tulsa Centennial Commission Raised $30M, Refuse To Give Survivors A Dime

Here we told you yesterday that stacey abrams and john legend uh those the event featuring them on monday, has been cancelled. On monday, they planned a nationally televised event that would feature stacey, abrams and other speakers, and it will be entertainment from john legend. Well, that event was cancelled, the city of tulsa. […]

Walmart, Discounts and allowances, Memorial Day Como Ganar dinero con tus recibos de compra con Fetch Rewards.

Lo que ste haya comprado o por lo ms quizs sencillo que sea el producto le da 5 puntos o 25 puntos ya dependiendo del producto que usted compra gana puntos adicionales en este caso como pueden ver en pantalla al consumir, 25 dlares en productos scott recibe, 500. Puntos adicionales y esto es con […]

Walmart, Discounts and allowances, Memorial Day *YAY* Kroger *Ad Preview* for 5/26-6/1 | Week 2 of MEGA SALE & MORE

Today, we’re checking out our kroger ad preview. That starts on wednesday may 26th and goes through tuesday june 1st of 2021. Before we get going too far, make sure you hit that subscribe button ring the notification bell hit all so you don’t miss any of my deals and let’s check this ad out […]

Walmart, Discounts and allowances, Memorial Day jer *MUST DO* Deals for 5/23-5/29 | Buy 5 & Save $5 Sale + MORE

Welcome to shopping with shayna we are here today to look at a meyer must do deals, video that starts on sunday may 23rd and goes through saturday, the 29th of 2021. Of course, we’ve got a new, buy five save five sale happening and i’ll talk about that a little bit later, but there’s […]

Discounts and allowances, Walmart, Memorial Day 10 FREEBIES AT WALMART! ~ MAY 2021

This week we have so many freebies like we got one two. Three. Four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten ten possible freebies that you guys can grab this week plus so many other cheap things at walmart like it’s. So great it’s gon na be such an awesome time to gum couponing over here […]

Discounts and allowances, Walmart, Memorial Day Ibotta In-Store Deals // $105 Retail for $1.25 💃

I do have a bonus i need to tackle, which is the mayflowers for that i need 25 rebates, not sure if i’m gon na get it. I do, however, have the weekend warrior that i know i can smash and for that i only need 15 um rebates and so um. I think we’re […]

Discounts and allowances, Walmart, Memorial Day 5 money makers!! Walmart couponing 5/24/21

They are 287 and there’s a one dollar off coupon from the five nine save making them a dollar. Eighty seven seals on these popsicle fruit, twisters fetch, has a deal to get a hundred percent of the money back. So whatever you spend will give you 100 back, and you can do that twice. […]