Megalo Box (REVIEW) – NerdTaku

I swear it’s about something, but i can’t remember what like you, have a foot ball: Music, hello and welcome to another episode of notaku and yes for the record. I know what is what the super bowl is so don’t ask and yes i’m excited that my team, the green bay packers, are actually […]

Megalo Box (2018) Anime review

Is that remains? Is the hand for today’s animalia is Riding boots costs that originated in any sort of action series. Hitman hate my patience, oestrogen, ta, manga xit, another is suspended, solids nationalist, non the world on the wet method, Rose of versailles, spaces and culture and The Voice US schools and will tell […]

Megalo Box AF1s | Full Custom | Step By Step

This is, of course, your boy hockey customs coming at you with another vid and i already know you’ve seen the thumbnail. So you know what we’re doing today, uh customer hit me up said he wanted a pair of all white g phasos um. Well, all right air force, one for people who don’t […]