Seed money, Market research, Marketing, Startup company Crypto Start-up allows you to Invest in Coins on any Blockchain?!

You want to invest into a cryptocurrency at the ground floor right because, no matter how much it goes up and pulls back if you’re, basically in there at the beginning, you’re essentially in profit most of the journey right, but essentially all of the journey and the sooner You get in and the higher […]

Seed money, Market research, Marketing, Startup company Restaurant Business Plan – 11 steps

Today, we’ll be talking about a restaurant business plan. Have you decided to open a restaurant? Has it been something you’ve thought of doing for years and are finally in a position to make it happen, regardless of how many friends have assured you, it will be a success or how many countless hours you […]

Seed money, Market research, Marketing, Startup company ETAHERO (HERO): ALTCOIN DO FUTURO??

Uma empresa que Visa criar todo um ecossistema voltado para um super Scanner, 3D e que foi muito comentado, esse sentimento por causa do seu, lanamento aconteceu nessa, semana e tem, muita gente acreditando, no potencial, desse, topo, para o longo, prazo, Ento, vamos, fazer, essa, anlise, juntos, vou, Passar de forma bem detalhada os […]

E-commerce, Innovation, Marketing How do you adapt to changes in customer behavior and e-commerce trends? | Innovation Roundtable Q&A

How difficult was it in each one of your companies to see as to where exactly things were headed specifically in terms of the changing or evolving consumer behavior, and how? How did you really even listen to these changes in a company which is huge like ups, for example, michelle is mammoth right effectively. […]

E-commerce, Innovation, Marketing G999: Veritable innovation technologique ou arnaque?

Afin d’tre informs rgulirement de mes prochaines vidos j’ai dcouvert, il ya quelques semaines un cosystme qui permet d’investir en crypto monnaie d’pargn ou de traiter tout en gnrant des revenus passifs grce un systme de marketing de raison, je ne parle pas ici des armes, d’une plateforme, d’achat De banque en ligne de crypto […]

E-commerce, Innovation, Marketing 2

I am already from dti region 10 and today i will be sharing to you one of the activities that we have conducted as part of ddi region, tense initiative in helping our micro, small and medium enterprises or msmes in the time of pandemic through e commerce. Okay, so let me share my screen […]