Software as a service, Management Cloud and AI: The new recipe for a technological revolution

Health fund. Well, angela, is an ai professional specialized in ethics. Explainability diversity and inclusion in ai and a recipient of top 10 analytic leaders 2020 from the institute of analytics professional australia. She also sits on the founding editorial board of uh springers, new and timely ai and ethics journal. Thank you so much […]

Software as a service, Management your SaaS in Freshservice

We will be taking you through the major challenges that we see with sas adoption and how fresh service is tackling this with its sas management solution. So lets begin with acknowledging the fact that sas is the future thats. Quite a bold and a broad statement to make about sas adoption, but we do […]

Software as a service, Management Digitaler Zwilling: IoT Services – Theoretische Erklärung | Folge #4

Speziellen die ich dann eher auf den service. Der sat 1 zunchst mchte ich sie mit unserer. It architektur vertraut machen, im vorherigen video ging es um das, reale objekt welches die sensordaten, erfasst und dann, an den zloty service endet in diesem video mchte, ich nun, auf, die cloud services, zu sprechen, kommen hier, […]

Leadership, Management Capstone 2021

Expansion, uh there’s a need for cisco to have a leadership development program that would train individuals within the con common rate on taking ownership of their job and tasks expected of them. Leadership development program would turn out a great for workers as well as existing company leadership. It would help on clearly defining […]

Leadership, Management Shared Leadership | Allen Asiimwe | TEDxKiwenda

We know the positional leaders, the leaders in the army, generals, the presidents, the parents, us as parents, you know being leaders in our homes and what do we know ourselves for we do a lot of ordering. I do that a lot in my home ordering my teenage daughter and son. We do a […]

Leadership, Management Skills – Great Leadership Starts with MANAGING EMOTIONS – BEST Explained by CHRIS IGWE

Today, we’re going to talk about managing emotion, managing emotion, now, we’re not going to talk specifically about emotional intelligence, which we’ll come on to at another stage. This is about emotions and how they get managed, because let’s understand that the way in which you manage your emotions are going to be a reflection […]

Governance, risk management, and compliance, Management ConnectALL: VSM Series Session 6: Improve Quality and Reliability via Governance and Compliance

Thank you for that, but we’ve been kind of going through and just talking through the various parts of a value stream management platform. We’Ve talked about how we can escalate incidents through different applications and we’ve kind of followed that process as we’ve gone along, showing how we can orchestrate with applications like jenkins, […]

Governance, risk management, and compliance, Management 10 IT Certifications That Pay Over $100,000 | Highest Paying Certifications | Best IT Certifications

It certifications that pay over 100 000. My name is lauren, and this channel is all about showing you how to become a highly paid it pro fast. Let’S get started number one. Pmp project management is one of the most in demand. Skills globally, project management, professional or pmp is the hottest project management […]

Governance, risk management, and compliance, Management 58. Governance, Risk and Compliance – Part 1 with Brendan Smith

Smith brendan, commenced his security career with a startup bank in the uk, one of the first internet only banks. However, he had a vocational interest in security across various internet technologies and cryptographic systems prior to this and maintains his technical interest to this day, it’s now supplemented by involvement in various industry standards […]